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Week 4 NFL Betting Online - Top 5 Things We Learned About The AFC

Posted by Marcello Messina on 10/5/2010 5:37:46 PM

This past NFL betting online weekend definitely had its share of surprises. Who could have predicted the Bills scoring 30 points against the Patriots, losing by only by one touchdown or Atlanta beating New Orleans in overtime in the Superdome by a field goal?

And what about Seattle defeating the Chargers 27-20, scoring two touchdowns on kick returns, one of which for the winning score? With a crazy NFL betting Week 3 behind us, here are the top 5 things we learned about the AFC:

1.Buffalo Bills are the worst team in the NFL

The Bills have started their 2010 NFL betting season with three straight losses, two of which against divisional rivals. They recently released quarterback Trent Edwards, leaving Ryan Fitzpatrick (who never fails to disappoint) to lead one of the worst offenses in the league.

The Bills don't have a running game and their best wide receiver, Lee Evans, has yet to catch 10 passes this season. To boot, Buffalo's defensive unit has allowed almost 30 points per game. Bet against the Bills every chance you get.

2.New England's defense needs serious improvement

After allowing 30 points to the Buffalo Bills (see above), it’s obvious the Patriots defense needs some serious tuning up. Prior to this week’s debacle, New England’s defense had already been performing poorly. They gave up 23 points to the Bengals in Week 1 and 28 to the Jets in Week 2. New England’s defense currently ranks 25th against the pass; surrendering more than 260 yards per game. If it weren’t for Tom Brady and his duo of Wes Welker and Randy Moss, this team would be in some serious trouble.

3.New York Jets sit atop of the AFC East

Following victories against divisional rivals, the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins, the Jets have obtained the lead in the AFC East and vastly improved their chances of winning the division. With one of the best overall defenses in the NFL and an egoistic Rex Ryan at the helm, the possibilities are endless for this promising squad.

4.The Chargers desperately need VJ

Last Sunday, I witnessed Phillip Rivers completely pick apart Seattle’s defense like it was a Thanksgiving turkey. However, he only scored two touchdowns, resulting in a 27-20 loss for San Diego. Without Vincent Jackson in the lineup, the Chargers clearly lack a deep threat. Rivers is clearly performing at his highest capacity, but needs a big-play receiver like Jackson to win games. His longest pass last game was for 49 yards to Buster Davis.

5.The AFC South is up for grabs

Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts finally have some contention in the AFC South this year. The division is quickly becoming one of the most competitive divisions in NFL betting online as the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans currently hold the top two spots in this division while the Colts sit in third place.

I’m not saying that the Colts won't win the AFC South this year but their Week 1 NFL betting online loss to the Texans might come back to haunt them.

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