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Top 3 NFL Combine Performances

Posted by Ashley Carmichael on 12/8/2011 12:03:22 AM

NFL athletes are freaks. We thought it'd be interesting to compile a few of the greatest NFL Combine or Pro Day performances ever just to establish the fact that this league houses some of the most physically gifted humans on the planet.


1. Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions - Vertical Leap

Johnson's 42.5" vertical no doubt helped him in the draft. He was the 2nd overall pick in 2007, behind… JaMarcus Russell.

2. Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons - Broad Jump

Jones is a freak if he can stay on the field. The numbers haven't been there in his rookie season but there is no doubt about his talent.

3. Chris Johnson RB, Tennessee Titans - 40 Yard Dash

The Titans running back can hit holes like no other. His slump in 2011 may be over now with back-to-back 150-plus yard rushing performances, keeping the Titans in the AFC NFL lines playoff hunt.

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