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NFL Lines – Where Will Plaxico Burress Sign?

Posted by Marcello Messina on 6/4/2011 11:22:54 AM

When the NFL lockout ends, free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress will be a hot commodity for most NFL lines teams.

On June 6, star wide receiver Plaxico Burress was released from prison, where he served two years for illegally handling a loaded weapon.

While in prison, Burress claims that he would definitely return to the NFL and was 'working out four days a week' to keep in professional shape. Prior to his incarceration, Plaxico was a 9-year-veteran that had risen to elite status with two teams.

In the first five years of his career from 2000-04, the 6'5" wideout played under the Pittsburgh Steelers where he reached he his career year of 78 receptions for 1,325 yards and 7 touchdowns. In 2005, he signed with the New York Giants, where he grew in fame thanks to his catch that led to their Super Bowl XLII win – becoming a Super Bowl XLII Champion was the only award that he received in the NFL.

Burress is now 33 years old exiting prison, looking to sign with a Championship-contending squad.

1. Philadelphia Eagles
The leading team in which Burress is most likely to sign is the Philadelphia Eagles. Although the Eagles do have speedy receivers like DeSeason Jackson and Jason Avant, they could use a physical route-runner to take their offense to the next level.

2. Chicago Bears
Next on the list are the Chicago Bears. The Bears are a proven playoff team as they made it to the National Football Conference Finals last year, losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champions: the Green Bay Packers. Chicago – at the moment – does not hold any elite wide receivers on their depth chart, and head coach Lovie Smith has publicly said that he wants to sign a "big receiver."

3. Washington Redskins
Finally, the Washington Redskins are – in my opinion – the most suitable fit for Plaxico Burress. The Redskins' passing offense was a disaster last year after the collapse of Donovan McNabb, and things could get worse this year if the their top wideout Santana Moss (who becomes a free agent this summer) chooses not to stay in DC. Also, Burress has much experience in the NFC East, having played four years with the Giants.

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