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NFL Lines- When Will The NFL Lockout End?

Posted by Brett Nielson on 7/8/2011 5:01:11 PM

Which league (NFL or NBA) will come out of a lockout first? Checkout the odds.

NFL Betting Lines


Which lockout will end first?
NFL Lockout -150
NBA Lockout -100

Lockout Stats
Last NFL Lockout: 1987 – lasted 24 days
Last NBA Lockout: 1999 – lasted 204 days

NorthBet Numbers: The NFL and its players receive a total of  $8.8 billion of revenue per year.

Recently, we set up odds for which month the 2011 NFL lockout would end. July was given a -700 spread, August was at 180 and all other months were set at 1000.

But now that the NBA has also entered into a lockout stage, it only made sense to set up odds about which league would exit their lockout first.

Though it seems highly unlikely that the NBA will reach an agreement with the NBPA before than NFL does with its NFLPA, both leagues’ owners are still extremely far from reaching a deal with any of the players’ associations.

It appears as though the NFL is coming close to reaching an agreement with its players, as the lawyers are now figuring out the proper language in which to write the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The NBA, on the other hand, has just begun their lockout session. Also, the two sides seem extremely far from reaching a deal, as the players are demanding more money and the owners are claiming near bankruptcy.

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Nielson Notice: The NBA has removed all player photos from their web site.

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