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NFL Lines: Welcome To Miami Reggie Bush

Posted by Ashley Carmichael on 8/3/2011 9:38:45 AM

Just last week the New Orleans Saints reached an agreement determining Reggie Bush’s future.

Entering his 6th season in NFL Lines Bush has been dealt to the Miami Dolphins.  This adds a third legitimate running back to their line up. 

Bush’s last season however, was not as superb compared to 2009 due to injuries.   Being the 21st best rushing team in NFL Lines, compared to the 2009 season where the Saints ranked fourth. 

Meanwhile, in the famous ‘Wildcat’ formation, both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams were running impressively.  With twenty-two rushing touchdowns the Dolphins led NFL Lines in 2009, but last season they only accumulated a messily eight. 

Ricky Williams is entering his eleventh year in NFL Lines and is 34 years old. Ronnie Brown is just coming off an injury and one of his worst seasons.  Both players are unrestricted free agents and have seen offers from various teams. 

It looks as if Miami is interested in keeping Ronnie Brown over Ricky Williams, but also both could end up a dolphin next year.  Whatever the case may be, Reggie Bush is a true contender for the starting position in Miami. 

 Reggie Bush adds exciting energy to the game.  He is agile and quickly avoids defenders; his game could be an intimidating addition to Miami’s unique offensive style.   

In New Orleans, Bush was used more for a very effective screen game, this is a great factor that neither Ronnie Brown nor Ricky Williams can offer better to Miami.  This opens up so many more options for the ‘Wildcat’ as well. 

With Reggie Bush out of the backfield and Brandon Marshall, Anthony Fasano and Davone Bess as receivers, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne will have plenty of options to pass to. 

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