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NFL Lines –Week 2 Disappointments

Posted by Marcello Messina on 9/22/2011 1:37:11 PM

Though there were many positional disappointments in Week 2 of this NFL lines season, these five really stood out as the worst in the league.

5. Chicago Bears Offensive Line
The Chicago Bears lost 30-13 to the New Orleans Saints last NFL lines weekend, majorly because of the Saints’ effective pass rush. Jay Cutler was left exposed on more than a few plays, with the Bears’ quarterback having been sacked a total of six times in the matchup. Cutler was forced to play under high pressure throughout the entire game, completing only 42 percent of his passes. The lowest point for the Bears in that match was when rookie right tackle Gabe Carimi was forced off the field with a knee injury due to the offensive line’s lackluster performance.

4. Oakland Raiders Defense
The Oakland Raiders were leading their NFL lines matchup against the Buffalo Bills 21-3 at the half-time on Sunday. However, by the third quarter, the lead was cut to 21-17, with the Raiders’ defense having given up a extremely generous 481 all-purpose yards. In the fourth quarter, Buffalo’s quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick truly embarrassed Oakland’s defense by throwing the winning touchdown pass with 14 seconds left in the game. The Bills scored during each of the five times they had possession during the second half en route to their 38-35 victory, a statistic that is truly remarkable.

3. Indianapolis Colts Offense
It truly is amazing how much of a different team the Indianapolis Colts are without their All-Pro quarterback Peyton Manning. With their recent loss to the Cleveland Browns, the Colts 0-2 start to the season is the worst they have underwent since Manning’s rookie season in 1998. Kerry Collins, Indianapolis’ current starting quarterback, went 19-for-38, passing for 191 yards, along with a fumble and one interception in last week’s game against the Browns. To boot, the Colts’ offense ended the game with just 109 rushing yards. With the Steelers in town next weekend, the Colts look slated to continue their losing streak.

2. Luke McCown
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Luke McCown had a tough time – to say the least – against the New York Jets last Sunday. McCown threw for four interceptions and ended the game 6-for-19, for 59 yards and an atrocious 1.8 passer rating. Jacksonville’s coaching staff ended up benching McCown in favour of Blaine Gabbert in the latter moments of the Jaguars’ loss to New York. I wouldn’t bet on McCown making an NFL lines start anytime soon after this performance.

1. Entire Kansas City Chiefs Roster
The Kansas City Chiefs have started this 2011 NFL lines season in abysmal fashion. Against the Detroit Lions, Chiefs’ quarterback Matt Cassel went 15- for-22 for 133 yards, with 3 interceptions and no touchdowns. Kansas City underwent six turnovers, en route to losing the game 48-3. To add insult to injury, Kansas City’s top prospect – running back Jamaal Charles – tore his ACL in the fourth quarter of the game against the Lions.  The effect of Charles’ absence will have on this team in crisis cannot be emphasized enough, as he finished last season with 1,900 rushing yards.

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