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NFL Lines – Tennessee Titans 2011 Preview

Posted by Marcello Messina on 7/22/2011 9:45:56 AM

After finishing dead last in the AFC south last NFL lines season, the Tennessee Titans are bound for a comeback this year.

2010-11 Season
Tennessee Titans vs. NFL: 6-10
Tennessee Titans vs. AFC South: 2-4

NFL Lines

NorthBet Numbers: Tennessee Titans were 8-8 ATS this season.

The Tennessee Titans began last NFL lines season on a hot streak. They won five of their first seven matches, having defeated elite squads like the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, their Week 8 matchup with the San Diego Chargers was when their season turned ugly: quarterback Vince Young had a public dispute with head coach Jeff Fisher (which led to him getting kicked off the squad), star running back Chris Johnson seemed to have lost a step or two (rushing under 70 yards in eight games), acquired receiver Randy Moss was virtually invisible on the stats sheet (totaling 80 yards and 0 touchdowns in Tennessee), and the Titans eventually lost 8 of their 9 last games. Hopefully, with a new quarterback and a slight revitalization is all they need to get back on track this NFL lines season.

Offense: B+

The biggest laceration in Tennessee’s offense last year was their entire quarterback situation. By the middle of the season, that issue had become such a distraction to the rest of the team that it cost them their playoff ticket.

At first, the original controversy was choosing which quarterback to start: callow Vince Young or ancient Kerry Collins. Intelligently, Jeff Fisher decided he would swap them every game or so, giving Young the chance to grow at his own pace, and Collins the opportunity to end his career tastefully. However, this turned out to end quite sourly, as Vince Young rapidly became unsatisfied with the scenario – so unsatisfied that he made such a scene by throwing his shoulder pads into the crowd during a tantrum after his Week 11 loss to the Washington Redskins. Then, after denying it for a few days, he finally admitted it, apologized to coach Fisher via text message, only to be kicked off the team days later.

Needless to say, this had catastrophic consequences on the Titans’ performances later during the NFL lines season. After 24-year-old Rusty Smith messed up his shot at becoming the starting quarterback (by throwing 3 interceptions and no touchdowns in his first game), Kerry Collins was named starter for the remainder of the season – effectively destroying all offensive chemistry.

As a result, Tennessee ended the season as the 25th overall passing offense in the league, scoring 24 aerial touchdowns and averaging less than 200 passing yards per game. Tennessee’s poor passing game also negatively affected their running game – the Titans went from being second-best in rushing yards in 2009 to 17th overall in 2010 – with Chris Johnson’s production dropping by almost 650 ground yards.

Optimistically speaking, the Tennessee Titans should have a regenerated offense come the 2011 NFL lines season. They selected quarterback Jake Locker –an outstanding athlete with immense potential – 8th overall in this year’s Draft. Consequently, their production should return roughly back to the numbers of their 2009 NFL lines season.

Defense: C+

Much like their offense, Tennessee’s defense took a huge hit last season.

Back in 2008, the Titans posted elite defensive numbers, ranking as the 7th overall defense in the NFL. Allowing 293.6 all-purpose yards and just under 15 points per game, it appeared as though they were bound for success during the next few years. Although, in the next two years, the Titans’ defensive progress was hindered by all of their offensive drama.

Having a lagging offense meant that the defense had to be on the field more often than not, creating not only fatigue, but exhaustion. In 2010, the Titans’ defensive players were so physically worn out that fourteen of them had suffered from injuries at some point during the NFL lines season.

By 2010, Tennessee dropped all the way down to the 26th spot among NFL defenses. Last year, they allowed their oppositions to average 367.7 all-purpose yards and over 21 points per game.

After using three of their four first picks in this NFL lines Draft to select upcoming defensive stars, the Titans should regain some strength on the defensive end of the field. And if their offense starts clicking as well this season, expect great things from a now underrated defense.

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