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NFL Lines - Tebowing On the Move

Posted by Elio Masi on 5/27/2012 5:53:33 PM

NFL Lines – Tebowing on the Move

After acquiring Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos felt they no longer needed former quarterback Tim Tebow and shopped him around the NFL lines. After listening to different offers, it came down to his hometown of Jacksonville or moving Tebowmania to Broadway. The Broncos decided to accept the offer set on the table by the New York Jets, meaning Tebow will dawn the green and white come September 9th.

In return, the Denver Broncos received a 4th and 6th round pick from the Jets as well as $2.53 million of salary advance due to Tebow. Jacksonville offered a similar deal, willing to give up a 4th rounder as well as a $3 million dollar advance. In accordance to the draft “value chart”, which is used by teams to determine how to use their picks, Jacksonville’s 4th rounder was more valuable than the picks offered by the Jets.

With everything that Tebow was able to accomplish last NFL lines season as a starter, it’ll be a little difficult for him to adjust to having to fight for the starting position in New York. Given Mark Sanchez received a new contract extension at the end of the regular season, it seems he isn't going anywhere in the near future. Thus, there’s sure to be many discussions over the starter position this season.

Tebow led the broncos to an 8-8 record last season and allowed them to advance to the postseason for the first time since 2005. Tebow himself was 7-4 on the year and was best known for his late game theatrics. He had a completion rate of 45.6 percent and threw for 1,729 yards in his sophomore season. He’s known mostly for his running ability and he didn't disappoint in 2012. He ran 122 times for a total of 660 yards and collected six touchdowns in the process.

Tim Tebow quickly became one of the most polarizing players in sports due to his religious beliefs, playing ability, throwing technique, and late game heroics. His famous stance of one knee on the ground and a fist on his forehead while he prays to God became a worldwide phenomenon and earned the name “Tebowing”. Not only did he evoke his own stance, but also a name for the energy he brings to the game, “Tebowmania”. Tim Tebow became the Broncos’ franchise player and will look to do the same in Broadway on an even bigger stage.

Elio’s Edge
Tebow truly made a name for himself in Denver and will look to work on that in the big city. Hopefully he can stay out of trouble while trying not to get forgotten in the woodwork behind Sanchez. I love the combination of having Sanchez throw the ball and Tebow run it when either is needed, but Rex Ryan will need to give both of them chances to run the offense during the season. Although Tebow is still adjusting to the NFL lines and improving every day, he’ll need some crucial playing time in the Big Apple in order to elevate his game even more.

Personally, I think the Broncos made a huge mistake in giving him away for so little. Given Manning’s age and the fact that injuries have become an issue for him, I think they made a bad decision on giving up on Tebow. He would have been able to learn a lot from backing up one of the game’s best quarterbacks and would have been able to step in when Manning’s injured or ready to retire. However, now that they’ve dealt Tebow, they’ve put all of their eggs in the same basket and may regret in down the road. Tebow, on the other hand, has a promising NFL lines future ahead of him in New York. It should be interesting to watch both he and Sanchez compete at their highest levels in order to win over Rex Ryan and the starting position.


two contests

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