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NFL Lines - Updated Super Bowl Odds

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 1/16/2012 9:46:51 PM

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With the Packers and Saints gone, the New England Patriots are favorites to win the NFL lines Super Bowl.

NFL Lines
To Win Super Bowl
New England Patriots 11:10
San Francisco 49ers 3:1
New York Giants 13:4
Baltimore Ravens 6:1

From a better's point of view, these playoffs haven't been too kind to me. I'm currently 2-6 ATS after picking almost 65% ATS betting the board since Week 10.

I've been betting road underdogs for the most part in these playoffs but I think it's time for a switch. I'm hoppin' on the Patriots (-7.5) this weekend at home against the Ravens.

Patriots Peaking At The Right Time

The Patriots played probably their most complete game of the year, with Brady being Brady, and a defensive unit that decided to play like they're actually being coached by Belichick. It seems like New England is peaking at the perfect time (unlike the Packers) and it would be tough to bet against them to not win the Super Bowl.

Yes, it'd be great to see a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh rematch in the Super Bowl, but I think I'd prefer to see Brady get all the haters of his back for not winning a Super Bowl in 8 years.

And plus, if Brady makes it to the Super Bowl, it would make the NFL MVP race mighty interesting, Don't you think?

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