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NFL Lines - Sticking With Sanchez

Posted by Elio Masi on 3/11/2012 9:40:32 PM

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NFL Lines – Sticking with Sanchez

The New York Jets announced on Friday night via a conference call that they have come to terms on a contract extension concerning quarterback Mark Sanchez. The extension sees Sanchez staying with the Jets for an additional 3 seasons. Two years were remaining on his contract at the time of his extension, so the new contract will seem him in New York for the next 5 NFL lines years, barring any trades.

Out of the Manning Sweepstakes

The contract extension puts an end to all the Peyton Manning rumors that have been swirling around the Jets for the past couple of days. General manager Mike Tannenbaum was quoted saying the Jets ''looked at'' going after Manning before deciding to stick with Sanchez. He went on to say that the Jets are comfortable with Sanchez as their starter and ultimately decided that he would be their guy.

Contract Specs

According to sources, the contract extension is worth $40.5 million, which sees him make an average of $13.5 million per NFL lines season. Sanchez is guaranteed $20.5 million until 2013 due to his prior contract and, because of escalators, the entire 5-year contract may see him make up to $68.25 million. The extension will help with the Jets' salary cap situation and may be why they decided to keep Sanchez as their long-term quarterback. Manning will most probably ring in more than $13.5 million a season and the Jets were unwilling to dump some cap in order to make that much room for him.

Sanchez's 2012 Season

At the age of 25, Mark Sanchez led the New York Jets to an 8-8 NFL lines season, good enough to place them 2nd in the AFC East. He completed 308 out of 543 passes for a 56.7 completion percentage and threw for 3,474 yards. He also threw for 26 touchdowns, the best in his young career thus far. His passer rating was at a career high 78.2 in the 2012 season and rightfully so, as the former USC quarterback played some of his best regular season football of his young career. Sanchez also ran for 6 touchdowns this past NFL lines season, equally his output in the 2009 and 2010 seasons combined.

Elio's Edge: Patience is Key?

There's no doubt that Mark Sanchez is improving and starting to fit into his role as a New York Jet. The only question that remains is how much time is still needed for Sanchez to become an elite quarterback - if he ever will. The Jets seem to be putting all their eggs in the same basket, a decision that might come back to haunt them. Yes, Sanchez has led the Jets to an AFC Conference matchup, but will he be able to do it again? After 9-7 and 11-5 seasons for the Jets, their 2011-12 season came up as a little disappointing and might be an indication of the kind of football Mark Sanchez will be able to lead the Jets to. One thing's for sure, Mark has a lot to prove in the 2013 NFL lines season, especially if he doesn't want Tannenbaum and the Jets to regret not putting in the extra money for a proven quarterback in Peyton Manning. I'm foreseeing some ''Should Have Gone With Manning'' headlines in 10 months' time.


two contests

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