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NFL Lines – San Diego Chargers On the Rise

Posted by Marcello Messina on 7/7/2011 9:00:43 AM

The San Diego Chargers were bested by the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC West title in 2010.
2010-11 Season
San Diego Chargers vs. NFL: 9-7
San Diego Chargers vs. AFC West: 3-3

NorthBet Numbers: San Diego Chargers were 8-7-1 ATS this season.

Let’s face it: the only reason the San Diego Chargers did not reach the postseason was because Phillip Rivers had no more receivers come Week 10.

San Diego’s receiving corps began to drop like flies even before the season started. Due to dissatisfaction with his contract situation, their star receiver Vincent Jackson held out from playing or practicing until Week 14 during the NFL lines season. Even then, he was so out of sync with quarterback Phillip Rivers that he totaled just 3 touchdowns and less than 250 yards in four matches.

As well, Rivers’ second favorite target, tight end Antonio Gates, tore the plantar fascia in his right foot in his Week 8 matchup against the Tennessee Titans. As a result he missed six of his final eight games. Then, wideout Legedu Naanee suffered from a strained hamstring in Week 5; he then missed two games, and was forced to play the remainder of the season injured. To boot, Malcolm Floyd also injured his hamstring in Week 6, forcing him to miss six of his team’s last ten NFL lines matches.

Finally, after releasing veteran running back LaDainian Tomlinson and relying solely on the talent of rookie Ryan Mathews, he was also plagued by physical injury. Mathews injured his ankle early in 2010 but found the strength to play anyways. Unfortunately, he aggravated the injury in November and consequently missed four NFL lines games.

But the most surprising fact of all is that despite all of these injuries, Phillip Rivers still managed to throw for 4710 yards and 30 touchdowns – leading his team as the second-best passing offense in the entire NFL.

Though, don’t give Rivers all of the credit for the team’s success last NFL lines season. The Chargers did also surge because of their solid defense, which ranked first overall in passing and fourth overall in rushing.

Messina Mention: Look for San Diego to take the league by storm this upcoming NFL lines season, as they have only strengthened through healing and the addition of young draft picks.

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