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NFL Lines - Rodgers Wins MVP Honors

Posted by Elio Masi on 5/28/2012 1:39:04 PM

NFL Lines – Rodgers Wins MVP Honors

Earning 48 out of a possible 50 votes for the NFL lines MVP honors, Aaron Rodgers was acknowledged as the best player in the league during the 2011-2012 regular season. He was handed the Award by Denver’s Peyton Manning – a duo that brought all the fans in attendance to their feet.

After winning the MVP Award, Rodgers said, “It means a lot to be recognized as a consistent player and contributing on my team. I think it’s an award that relies on a player having the support of his team, obviously, guys blocking, guys running, guys catching, guys making plays. But I’m very honored to receive the award.” Rodgers then took a second to acknowledge Manning, who hasn't played a down the entire season due to neck surgery, announcing “We’re all really excited to see you back on the field next year.”

Aaron Rodgers led the NFL lines during the regular season with a 122.5 pass rating. He connected for 45 touchdown passes and only forfeited 6 interceptions in the 16 games. In 502 attempts, Rodgers connected 343 times for a completion rate of 68.3 percent. On top of all that, he rushed the ball a total of 60 times for 257 yards during the regular season. He led the Green Bay Packers to a 15-1 record, the NFL lines best during the 2011 regular season.

Rodgers went on to say “People really count on me to be consistent each week, to play well. Knowing that my performance, the fact that i touch the ball every play, I have a direct impact on the game, the way I play. If I’m playing consistent and doing things I know I’m supposed to do, we’ve been able to have success because of it”

Unfortunately for the Packers, that same success Rodgers spoke of did not translate to the playoffs. They ended their season on a losing note, going down to the Giants 37-20. Although he still put forth a good performance, Eli Manning beat him in almost every statistical category. He threw an uncharacteristic interception and fumbled the ball as well, leading to his team’s elimination from the playoffs.

Rodgers’ runner up, Drew Brees, who only received four percent of the votes, claimed the honors for Offensive Player of the Year for the second time. Brees had an outstanding season statistically, shattering Dan Marino’s single season passing record, throwing for 5,476 yards. He also broke Manning’s record of 450 completions by earning 468. He put together an exceptional completion rate of 71.6 percent, breaking his own previous record of 70.6 in 2009. Brees had this to say following his acceptance speech, “Our best is yet to come, not just for our team, but the league.”

Elio’s Edge
Brees is definitely onto something. Given the number of breakout years numerous players had during 2011, it is sure to be an entertaining 2012 NFL lines season. Given the new draft class coming in and the level of excitement some rookies are carrying in with them, 2012 should be just filled with just as many jaw-dropping moments as 2011. And just like the Giants proved last year, any team in a NFL lines playoff spot can walk away as champions, keeping things interesting until the very end.


two contests

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