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NFL Lines - Property of the Miami Dolphins

Posted by Elio Masi on 5/29/2012 4:33:08 PM

NFL Lines – Property of the Miami Dolphins

With the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NFL lines Entry Draft, the Miami Dolphins were proud to select, from Texas A&M, quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Picking one of three quarterbacks to go in the top eight, it was well known going into the offseason that the Dolphins intended on getting some more depth in the quarterback position.

Going 6-10 during the 2011-2012 NFL lines season, the Dolphins missed the playoffs yet another time and failed to compete on most nights. Despite current quarterback Matt Moore being named their 2011-2012 MVP, the Dolphins felt they needed a little more depth in the position and opted to go with Ryan Tannehill.

Known early on for the power behind his throws rather then the accuracy, Tannehill has transformed into a truly spectacular pocket passer. He has all the necessary qualities to eventually become a starter in the NFL lines but has a ways to go before that can happen. He often gets in trouble when running in-breaking routes, staring down the receiver thus giving defenders a clear view as to whom he’s throwing to. In order to become a great NFL lines quarterback, he’ll need to work on his subtlety as well as being able to view the entire field in seconds and on one glance.

Tannehill works great under pressure and his scrambling ability is second to none in this year’s draft. He knows how to extend a play and remains calm in pressure packed situations. Ryan Tannehill’s great at anticipating his receivers’ routes, throwing with pinpoint accuracy to where they’re going to be once the ball leaves his hands. Although his throwing game is pretty solid, he is also able to activate his running game. Having a quarterback that can be a running threat is always valuable and should prove to help any team he starts for immensely down the road.

There’s very little chance that Tannehill will start for the Dolphins come September, but with a lot of mental training and some more time in the fitness room, Tannehill will prove to be a promising quarterback for the Dolphins in the future. He quieted a lot of the nay-sayers in his senior year and showed he will someday lead a team in the NFL lines.

Elio’s Edge
Personally, I think the Dolphins made a mistake. Considering they already have Matt Moore playing well for them, I can’t understand why they went out and got another quarterback. It might have been wiser to select a wide receiver – say, Michael Floyd - in order to help out their current quarterback instead of bringing yet another new guy in at QB. It’s time they start developing their team and quit trying to start from scratch. I’m sure Tannehill will be a good quarterback someday in the NFL lines, but Dolphins nation’s tired of waiting for “someday”. They want answers and results now and won’t be shy to voice their opinions if yet another season ends in disappointment.


two contests

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