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NFL Lines - Pleasure to Receive

Posted by Elio Masi on 7/12/2012 11:55:12 AM

NFL Lines – Pleasure to Receive

It seems the closest team to perfection last NFL lines season will be stuck with six receivers going into 2012. Stuck might not actually be the best word to describe it considering it isn't a bad thing to have some depth at the wide receiver position. However, considering there are quite a few teams calling to see if the Green Bay Packers would care to give up a receiver or two, the Packers might want to start listening in.

It goes without question that they most probably won’t be willing to deal Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb. Considering what they were able to do last year during the NFL lines season, they’ve proven that they are essential to the Packer’s offense. James Jones probably will not be going anywhere either. Although he managed only 38 receptions during the 2011 season, he did average 17 yards per catch and found the end zone seven times. Due to the amount of talent in the position, the Packers have no choice but to keep six spots available for their receivers, even when considering they’ve used 4 to 5 over the last couple of seasons. With Donald Driver, Shaky Smithson, Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel all vying for spots on the roster, it’ll be a difficult and grueling camp for the Packers’ wideouts.

With Driver restructuring his contract in the offseason and adding certain clauses within it, he should lockup a spot on the 53-man roster. That leaves only one spot available – barring injuries. Considering both Gurley and Borel were paid as if they were on the team’s roster for their final three games of the regular season as opposed to being on the practice roster, which was the case, it’s possible that other teams were interested in signing the young stars. This was the case for Tori Gurley, who turned down on offer from the Minnesota Vikings in order to stay with the team that went 15-1 the previous NFL lines season. It was also rumored that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were very interested in signing Diondre Borel, but the deal evidently never went through.

With many teams needing receivers for their starting rosters, it goes without saying that most of them are keeping eyes on the Packers’ roster cuts. With teams like Minnesota, Miami, Dallas and Tampa Bay all looking to increase their depth in the receiver position, it’ll be interesting to watch them pounce on the Packers’ leftovers, so to speak.

Elio’s Edge
As for who’ll actually make the cuts, it’s difficult to say; it all comes down to who gels better with Aaron Rodgers, the offense and the coaches. However, the Packers better be careful with handling the situation. If they don’t want to lose their cuts, they’ll need to offer up similar contracts as the wideouts who actually made the team as well as sell them their winning culture. The Packers should be a contender for years to come and their youth players might need to be reminded that just because there isn't any room for them this season, that doesn’t mean room won’t open up in the near future. If they can’t get a deal done, they’ll need to trade in order to avoid a complete loss. Either way, it’ll be a busy and difficult NFL lines summer in Green Bay.


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