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NFL Lines - Plaxico on the Go

Posted by Elio Masi on 6/22/2012 3:25:21 PM

NFL Lines – Plaxico on the Go

The last couple years have been quite the roller coaster ride for the former Steelers, Giants and Jets wideout – Plaxico Burress. After a two-year stint in prison for shooting himself accidently, the former Super Bowl Champion came back and signed with the New York Jets, where he was named the SN Comeback Player of the Year for the 2011 NFL lines season.

After a two year absence from the NFL lines, Burress returned with vengeance and looking to prove he still had some fight in him. In the Jets’ 16 games, Burress caught 45 balls for a total of 612 yards - averaging out to 13.6 yards per carry. He caught for over 20 yards six times and his longest catch and run lasted for 30 yards. Although many of those numbers were relative lows in his career, many believed he was deserving of the NFL lines comeback player of the year, going on to win the award.

Following his comeback year with the Jets, Plaxico is looking to sign somewhere else for the 2012 season. After announcing he would like to get a deal done with the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Observer released a statement from an unnamed Panthers team official that revealed they aren’t interest in signing the former Super Bowl Champion.

Despite the statement and the fact that Plaxico has yet to receive a call from the Carolina Panthers, he is remaining optimistic and would really like to be signed by the team. Although he hasn't been in contact with them, he has spoken to Cam Newton, Carolina’s starting quarterback. “I’ve talked to Cam Newton several times and I really like him as a quarterback,” Burress said in an interview. He added that the Panthers seem like “just a great fit” for him and would love to play there next season.

On top of his praise for Cam Newton, Burress also hopes to be closer geographically to his brother, cousin and other family members, who happen to live in Charlotte. Given his respect for Newton and his family ties, I’m sure Burress would be willing to listen to any offer the Panthers throw his way, even if he has to take a considerable pay cut, something that may make the deal all the sweeter for Carolina.

Despite tying for the football club’s lead with eight touchdown receptions, many felt that Plaxico never really fit into the Jets’ system and had trouble adjusting to Sanchez’s NFL lines game. Although he had an admirable season, many believe that his best days are behind him. In regards to that, Burress went on to explain; “I’m a lot stronger than what I was last year, obviously. I think a lot of people will be surprised at the kind of shape that I’m in. I’m ready to go and compete back at the level that I know I can play at.”

Elio’s Edge
I’d take him. At this point he’s given himself almost no leverage. Due to Burress’ track record and his recent decline in performance in the NFL lines, Carolina might want to seriously consider him as an extra option. He seems to have the drive to get back to his old outputs and he’ll be willing to take on a small sum of money in order to play for the Panthers so I’m sure those are both appealing to the Panther’s organization. Mix that in with the fact that he and Newton are on good terms and you have the possibility of another good target for Cam to throw to.


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