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NFL Lines - Plaxico's Big Day

Posted by Ashley Carmichael on 10/24/2011 1:05:37 PM

Showing little signs of production so far this NFL lines season, it looked as if the acquisition of Plaxico Burress was not worth it for the New York Jets.

Week 7 NFL - New York Jets Vs. San Diego Chargers Game Highlights

So far, Burress totaled just 14 receptions, 218 yards and two touchdowns going into Week 7. Through six games, Burress only averaged about 2 receptions and thirty-six yards per game. However, in week 7, Plaxico Burress received eight targets, catching four passes for three touchdowns.

Although Burress had three touchdowns in one game, he only caught four passes on twenty-five total yards receiving.  

Furthermore, his three touchdowns were all in the red zone, accumulating just ten yards.  

Besides his three touchdown receptions going for 3 ,4 and 3 yards, Burress had one catch for fifteen yards.  What’s interesting to note however, is Mark Sanchez’s improved trust in the new receiver.

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two contests

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