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NFL Lines - Peyton Makes Another Clutch Decision

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 3/21/2012 9:20:13 PM


NFL Lines – Peyton Makes Another Clutch Decision

The Denver Broncos have signed quarterback Peyton Manning to a $96 million, 5-year deal with $18 million in guaranteed NFL lines money.

Health Concerns
However, after undergoing 4 neck surgeries during the past 20 months, Manning did have to grant some concessions to Broncos` management. His first $18 million next season is guaranteed, but his salary during the ensuing four seasons will depend on whether he passes annual medicals… and if his neck holds up.

Winning like its 1999
John Elway and the Denver Broncos will be hoping that Manning can bring them back to the glory days of 1999. The Broncos have only won two playoff games in the past 13 years since Elway won the Super Bowl with the club in 1999. The Broncos’ most recent postseason NFL lines win was only a few months ago, when Tim Tebow threw a spectacular 80-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime.

Comparisons to Elway
The 36-year old Peyton Manning does have some similarities to the former Broncos` star. John Elway won his first two career Super Bowls in Denver only after his 37th birthday, something that is truly remarkable. Since the legendary number 7, Denver has seen 11 quarterbacks, none who could fill his void, though Tebow might have come close had he been given more time. Nonetheless, it is safe to say there hasn`t been this much excitement in Denver since 1983, when a young John Elway joined the club from the Baltimore Colts.

One of the Best
Peyton Manning is indeed one of the few quarterbacks in the league who can be compared to the great John Elway. He has played in two Super Bowls, and has one championship ring, 11 Pro Bowls, and was the fastest player to reach 50,000 yards and 4,000 completions. He is a lock to be nominated into the NFL lines Hall of Fame, and is already one of the best players to ever play the game.

No Guarantees
Although the Broncos went 8-8 last year, it does not necessarily mean that their record will substantially improve with the addition of Manning come next season. For one, Manning has not played in over a year, and might have to shrug off some rust during the first few weeks of the season. Furthermore, the Broncos simply just have a much more difficult schedule this year, than last year. They play the Texans, Saints, Steelers, Falcons, Ravens, Bengals, and Patriots, all of which were playoff teams last year.

One thing that is certain is that many questions remain unanswered in Denver. Will Manning be back to his best? Will his teammates adapt to his style of play, and will the Broncos sign any other players to compliment their star quarterback?


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