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NFL Lines - Ochocinco Or Harrison To Be Fined

Posted by Marcello Messina on 8/3/2011 9:32:21 AM

Who will be fined first? Chad Ochocinco or Steelers linebacker James Harrison.

2010-11 Season
Cincinnati Bengals vs. NFL: 4-12
Cincinnati Bengals vs. AFC North: 2-4

NFL Lines – Who Will Be Fined First?
Chad Ochocinco            +250
James Harrison            -350

NorthBet Numbers: Cincinnati Bengals were 7-9 this season.
Here at NorthBet, it’s always our number one concern to make our customers happy – a motto that our employees and clients both mutually understand. So, in early June, we set up some playful random odds that our clients could really have some fun with.

Then, after receiving some great feedback for these odds, we realized that we should continue to post some random odds. Therefore, we created the NorthBet monthly tradition of adding wacky prop bets for the amusement of our customers.

In July, we posted odds on which lockout would end first: the NBA or NFL. So, with continued support from our clientele, we are once again putting up off the wall odds for you to have some fun with.

Our August odds include the NFL, for you to bet on which football player (between stars Chad Ochocinco and James Harrison) will get fined first by commissioner Roger Goodell. These NFL lines are set with Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison being the favorite at -350 and New England Patriots newly acquired wide receiver Chad Ochocinco at +250.

Last season, James Harrison was fined a total of $100,000 for flagrant head-to-head hits during matches. This incredible total caused a huge media stir, with Harrison trying to claim that Goodell was ‘targeting’ him.

Chad Ochocinco, on the other hand, gets fined for having too much fun instead of aggressiveness. Throughout his career he has been fined innumerable times for excessive celebrations, unapproved costumes, and even attempting to ‘bribe’ a referee with a $1 bill on a coach’s challenge. Though, last year, he was only fined once for tweeting (or ‘possessing an electronic device and posting messages on Twitter’, as the NFL called it) during a preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles on August 20.

I expect Harrison to win this bet hands-down, mostly because of his recent outburst against Roger Goodell, saying that even. “if [Goodell] was on fire and I had to piss on him, I wouldn’t do it. I hate him and I will never respect him.” If that doesn’t get a player targeted by the commissioner, I don’t know what would.

Also, assume that Ochocinco will rapidly become more mature, now that he is playing under Bill Belichick’s rule.

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