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NFL Lines - No Regrets for Bradford

Posted by Elio Masi on 7/20/2012 6:09:19 PM

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NFL Lines – No Regrets for Bradford

It’s been three years since St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford made his decision to stay with Oklahoma for one more season rather than make the leap to the NFL lines. Winning the Heisman a year prior at the age of 20 and being picked by St. Louis shortly after definitely rank amongst his finest moments of his career thus far, but his decision to stay with his college team became that much more difficult because of those feats. It is a decision he does not regret and one he took very seriously three years ago.

“I know coming back was the complete right decision for me. There’s no way I was ready to leave college after two and a half years,” Bradford went on to say at his youth football camp in Oklahoma one week ago. “Even though I came back and got hurt, the experience that i gained in that extra year was invaluable. There’s no way I would have been able to step into an NFL lines huddle and lead an NFL lines team at 21 years old.”

After leading the Oklahoma Sooners to the national championship game in 2008 during what was a record-setting season for the young quarterback, Bradford made the decision to return for another year of college football. After injuring his throwing shoulder in the season-opener versus BYU, Jones took over for Bradford and is now heading into his fourth year as Oklahoma’s starting QB.

Although Bradford had a tough season in St. Louis during 2011, it’s looking like he’s finally built a strong relationship with coach Jeff Fisher. Being picked number one in the 2010 draft placed a great deal of pressure on him, pressure that he dealt with extraordinarily well. Bradford and the Rams barely missed the playoffs due to a loss in their season finale in 2010, a feat that offered a bright future to St. Louis fans. However, a year removed from their great regular season run and the Rams fell to an abysmal 2-14.

Bradford still believes in his team and likes the direction the Rams are going in with coach Fisher steering the ship. “Having coach Fisher there is something that is really going to help our organization, He’s a guy who’s been in the league and winning games for a long time now. He knows what he’s doing and from day 1, he’s had the respect of everyone in our locker room, which I think is extremely important. The changes that have been made this year and in the offseason,” Bradford went on to say, “are definitely going to help us win games.”

Elio’s Edge
I have to agree with their quarterback. Now that Bradford’s entering his third year, he should have gained enough experience to help guide his team to the NFL lines postseason. With Coach Fisher as a mentor and a good team to back him up, Bradford might be able to lead the Rams back to the playoffs for the first time since 2004. It should be an interesting year of football in St. Louis – a team that will be under the knife if they can’t win with a relatively new quarterback and coach.


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