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NFL Lines - Hoping to Get Lucky

Posted by Elio Masi on 5/17/2012 2:19:36 PM

NFL Lines – Hoping to Get Luck-y

Now that the NFL lines Draft is in the books, every football analyst on the planet will begin crunching the numbers trying to find who came out on top. Given that both Indianapolis and Washington elected to go for quarterbacks this year in order to remodel their franchise, it is only natural to want to see who got away with the better talent. It’s hard to go wrong with choosing either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III when considering all they’ve been able to accomplish at such a young age. Yet, due to the competitive nature of sports, there must always be a winner and a loser.

Bringing a Little Luck to Indianapolis

With Luck being penciled in at number one for over a year now, it was no surprise when the Colts called his name on April 26th. His uncanny ability to deliver the football with great velocity and quickly is something every team looks for in their quarterback. His accuracy is impeccable and he has the stats to prove it. In his last two years at Stanford, Luck completed an astounding 70.3 percent of his passes. He knows how to utilize a playbook and finds holes in his opposition’s defense fairly quickly. He’s proven to be a little shaky when throwing while running, something that will need work in order to succeed in the NFL lines. However, that being said, Andrew Luck’s footwork is as good as they come. At 6’4” and 235 pounds, he’s perfect for the position in the sense that he won’t go down easily. Given his quick release and his weight class, it’s no wonder his accuracy is so high. He’s a menace to defenders looking for the sack, something that’ll help both him and his receivers, who’ll have additional time to run their routes.

Robert to the Redskins

Refereed to as RG3 by his fans, Griffin has left an imprint on Baylor football that will be hard to forget. There is very little Robert Griffin hasn't accomplished in the last year. Griffin took a dormant football program and morphed them into a Big 12 juggernaut, something that is incredibly difficult to do given the talent level in the conference. He’s exciting to watch both on and off the field and should bring a certain level of electricity to the Washington locker room that will make them exciting to watch once more. Griffin is gifted as both a runner and a pocket passer, abilities that almost guarantee success in the NFL lines. His release is as quick as they come and has an incredible follow through as well. One of his best abilities is his deep throws, something that is always necessary when considering late game heroics. It’s safe to say Washington’s finally found their franchise quarterback.

Elio’s Edge

As for who’s the better pick, it’s tough to say. What Luck may lack in range he makes up for in accuracy and Griffin may not be as precise, but the throwing power is awe-inspiring. Griffin has the better running game where as Luck is harder to bring to the ground. Both quarterbacks bring different skill sets to the table; which will work better in the NFL lines? Only time will tell.


two contests

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