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NFL Lines - Fantasy Football Week 7 Injuries

Posted by Marcello Messina on 10/25/2011 10:59:46 AM

Week 7 in the NFL was full of injuries, mostly to key fantasy football players.

Here’s a recap to keep you up to date on who NOT to trade for… at least this week.

Darren McFadden
Yes, he’s at it again. Darren McFadden has yet again started the season as an elite tailback, but has been sidelined with an injury. But lucky for you, he is only rumored to have suffered from a minor ankle sprain, so see if his owner’s willing to trade him at a discount price.

Peyton Hillis
At this point, is the Madden curse even still a rumor? Do we not have enough proof? Peyton Hillis went from being a top fantasy running back in 2010 to an injury-riddled, contract negotiating mess that averages just 6 points per game. Stay away at all costs.

Matthew Stafford
It’s like they say, once an injury-prone quarterback, always an injury-prone quarterback. Well, the saying was actually made for cheaters, but it applies here too. Stafford has just injured both his right knee and ankle in the same game, and will probably be the only quarterback in the NFL to be sidelined by injuries for three consecutive years.

Beanie Wells
Oh, Beanie! We really do feel for you! Each and every game, we see you hustle out onto the field and play your heart out. But it’s just too risky to bank on you fantasy-wise because your statuses are always such a mystery. In your first game back from the bye, it appeared as though your Wee 3 hamstring injury was far behind you. I guess it I was wrong, Mr. I’m-now-expected-to-miss-another-one-to-two-weeks…

Santana Moss
Over recent years, Santana Moss has been nothing more than a mediocre receiver on a poor passing offense. And now with his broken hand, that looks like his best-case scenario going forward.

Hines Ward
Just when we were starting to believe in you again, you show your true worth: a waster waiver wire pickup. With seven catches for two catches and over 50 yards in Week 5, you not only dropped to only six receptions for less than 70 yards in your past two games combined, but also a spot on the depth chart to Antonio Brown. Plus, you might stay there for good with your recent ankle injury.

Joseph Addai
Dear Mr. Joseph Addai, please tear some three-lettered knee ligament so we can stop wasting a spot for you on our roster. Sincerely, every person who has you on their roster.

Percy Harvin
Percy, I’m beginning to question what I saw in you from the start. Sure you’re very talented, but as the saying goes, it takes two to make a pass. So with an aggravated rib injury and rookie quarterback Christian Ponder under center, I’m just not convinced that you’re going to be making very many.

Marshawn Lynch
We’re still not really what happened to Marshawn Lynch this week. He was a full participant in all practices this week and was registered as probable for this week’s matchup with the Browns. But for some reason, he was declared a scratch just about an hour before Sunday’s game. More on that soon…

Mark Ingram
Boy, this is a failed rookie experiment if I’ve ever seen one. Prior to this week, Ingram has never topped 55 rushing yards or one touchdown in any game in his professional career. But just as he was starting to progress this Sunday (91 rushing yards early in the game) he suffered a bruised heel. Typical.

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