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NFL Lines: Denver Broncos Future

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 11/24/2011 11:58:39 PM

Earlier this week the Denver Broncos released former starting quarterback Kyle Orton. 

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers
Broncos +6
Chargers -6
Total 41.5

Sunday, November 27, 2011
4:15 PM ET


Orton Released For Tebow

Kyle Orton started the first half of this season winning only one game, while losing four.  With his lackluster winning percentage Denver decided to start the questionable Tim Tebow.  Seeing Tebow’s success the Broncos released Kyle Orton in hopes of a bright future.


Tebow Can’t Throw

But how bright can the Denver Broncos future be with Tim Tebow “running” the show?  Literally running the show, according to NFL Lines Tim Tebow has yet to throw for over 200 yards this season and only has a completion percentage of 44.8 percent. 


How Long Can Denver Last With A One-Dimensional Offense

Furthermore Tebow has 388 yards rushing and 709 yards passing in five games started.  With Tebow’s style of play the Denver Broncos are forced to run the option and run the ball more often than not.  Since everyone in NFL Lines knows Denver’s tactic, how long will the Broncos be able to do this?


Tebow Is A Winner

Despite Tim Tebow’s passing statistics and throwing abilities he has won four out of five games as a starter, with a couple big time comebacks.  Tebow has shown that he does not need to pass the ball to win, as he threw eight times completing two in week tens victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Tim Tebow has proven he can win games, but dropping Kyle Orton may have not been the best decision in the long run considering Denver’s offense is now extremely limited.

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