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NFL Lines – Can The Vikings Bounce Back?

Posted by Marcello Messina on 5/30/2011 8:29:19 AM

Can the Minnesota Vikings bounce back after a terrible NFL lines season and some questionable draft picks?

NFL Lines: Minnesota Vikings were 5-11 ATS this season.

To be quite honest, things could not have gotten much worse for the Minnesota Vikings last season. Everything that could have gone wrong… eventually went wrong.

The worse thing that happened in Minnesota, however, was the return of 41-year-old Brett Favre. Favre posted the worst season of his career in his last year with the Vikings, completing 217 of his 358 passing attempts, throwing 11 touchdowns, 19 interceptions, and finishing the year with a 69.9 passer rating. But worst of all, his return prevented the Vikings from moving on and held them back one year.

Another disaster was the disappearance of star defensive end Jared ‘the dynamite’ Allen. Jared Allen went from being the second overall pass rusher in 2009 – with 14.5 sacks – to a non-existent factor in 2010, ranking 10th overall with 11 sacks all season.

Thirdly, the Randy Moss trade proved to be quite a catastrophic decision for the Vikings. On October 6, 2010, the New England Patriots announced that they were trading Moss and a seventh-round draft pick to the Minnesota Vikings in return for a third-round draft pick. Initially, everybody thought that the trade was excessively lopsided in favor of the Vikings, given Randy Moss’ resume. Turns out the trade was very lopsided, but for New England. After playing four games with the Vikings, Moss had only recorded 13 catches for a total of 174 yards. It was then that Moss reportedly argued with head coach Brad Childress and been placed on waivers (spending the rest of the season as a benchwarmer for the Tennessee Titans), which brings me to my next point: Brad Childress.

Brad Childress could not have been a more counterproductive head coach for the Minnesota Vikings last year. Under his reign, the Vikings went from leading the NFC North Bet Division with a 12-4 record in 2009 to tying the Detroit Lions as the worst team in their division at 6-10. To boot, Childress failed to even notify Vikings owner Zygi Wilf that he was releasing Randy Moss, which caused the head coach his job two weeks after Moss left Minnesota.

The fifth tragic occurrence in Minnesota was the collapse of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodrome roof. The roof of the Metrodome literally collapsed under the pressure of 4 feet of snow on December 12, causing the Vikings to play the remainder of their season in the Minneapolis Stadium.

Also, Minnesota’s top wide receiver Sidney Rice recently stated he wanted out of Minnesota. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that his client would not be re-signing with his former team – at least not before testing the free agent market.

Finally, the Minnesota Vikings also win this year’s Most Questionable Draft Picks Award. With all of their issues this season – including the departure of their top wideout, the lack of a franchise quarterback, and the disappearance of their defense – the Vikings decided to draft some problematic athletes. With their first draft pick, Minnesota chose Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder. Despite positive ratings from scouts, Ponder is one of the least durable quarterbacks amongst all college teams. In the past two years alone, he injured his shoulder, suffered a triceps contusion and the re-aggravated it, suffered a ruptured right bursa sac and drained it, then suffered a concussion.

With their second pick, the Vikings drafted Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph. This pick makes absolutely no sense, considering their lack of athleticism in all other positions, and that they already have an elite tight end in Visanthe Shiancoe.

Though it kills me to say it, there are much rougher times ahead for Vikings fans. Minnesota will probably finish last in the NFC North Division– and maybe in the entire NFC Conference – this NFL lines season.

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