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NFL Lines – Can Dez Bryant Excel in Dallas?

Posted by Marcello Messina on 6/2/2011 8:51:58 AM

Is Dallas the best place for Dez Bryant to shine?

NorthBet Numbers: Dallas Cowboys were 7-9 ATS this season.

When then-21-year-old Dez Bryant decided to leave Oklahoma State and enter the 2010 Draft, his skills and rapport were majorly compared to that of future hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss.

Dez Bryant was an elite wideout with excellent top-end speed for his position. He was a tall, built wideout and had, without a doubt, the best hands of his class. As well, he was so slippery that he could even evade most NFL tacklers. Basically, he was the real deal, and everything a coach could ask for in a receiver… except for one thing.

Bryant was well known for having many off-field issues and had a reputation as an egoistic troublemaker. Yes, I know, all of this sounds eerily familiar. It is pretty much the story of how Randy

Moss entered the 1998 Draft – young receiver has all of the talent, but none of the heart.

The only difference between the two receivers is that Moss’ rookie season was spectacular in every way, and Bryant’s was anything but.

In Randy Moss’ first NFL lines season, he caught 69 passes with the Minnesota Vikings, racking up a total of 1313 receiving yards for 17 touchdowns. Compare that to Bryant’s 45 catches for 561 yards and 6 touchdowns. Big difference, huh?

The main problem with the Cowboys’ prospect is that he is simply not getting the chance to stand out in Dallas. Back in 1998, Moss was immediately given the starting job in Minnesota. But today, Bryant finds himself competing for targets with other stellar receivers like Miles Austin, Jason Witten and Roy Williams.

Bryant actually made a scene reacting to his lack of targets during his Week 12 matchup with the New Orleans Saints. Late in the game, when the Cowboys were down by just one possession and the 6’2” wideout wasn’t getting targeted, he began yelling at his quarterback. Eventually, head coach Jason Garrett had to bring him to the bench for a few plays to calm him down.

Despite Dez Bryant’s immaculate talent, his career might be nothing but average if he doesn’t claim that number one receiver role in Dallas or any other city.

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