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NFL Lines - Browns Select Richardson

Posted by Elio Masi on 5/27/2012 3:48:49 PM

NFL Lines – Browns Select Richardson

With the third overall pick in the 2012 NFL lines Entry Draft, the Cleveland Browns selected runner-back Trent Richardson, out of Alabama. At 5’9” and 228 pounds, Richardson was projected to go top-five in this year’s draft and received a ton of interest from the Browns.

Although many scouts agree that picking a running back that high in the draft can be costly – considering their durability and shelf life – Cleveland thought Richardson was too talented to pass up. That being said, many believe Trent Richardson is the exception to the rule and is tough enough to handle an entire seasons worth of carriers.

Often compared to Adrian Peterson, Richardson is well balanced, powerful and explosive. He is quick on his feet and intelligent enough to alter his run mid-carry in order to find the holes in the coverage. His patience is often considered one of his best qualities and it is what allows him to wait for blocks in order to get in those extra yards. At 228 pounds, Richardson definitely possesses enough strength to stiff arm his opponents and tackle them aside. He uses his core to his advantage in order to beat through blitzes in pass protection. In a NFL lines game that often demands you to take valuable time off the clock while pushing the ball up the field, Trent Richardson is a defenses’ worst nightmare. Being compared to a bowling ball by fans, once he starts rolling, he becomes difficult to stop, especially by a single pin – or in this case defender.

Unfortunately, like all young players, Richardson might have trouble making the jump from amateur to professional. Although Richardson is incredibly talented, he did have the blessing of running behind an extremely good and experienced line at Alabama. With a line as talented as Alabama’s, almost anyone could walk right in and have a good season at runner-back. That being said, Richardson didn’t just have a “good” season, he had an outstanding one. In 283 attempts, Trent Richardson collected nearly 1,700 yards, averaging 5.9 yards a carry. He carried the ball in for a touchdown 21 times during the 2011 NFL lines season, proving to be a clutch runner when needed. He’s also known to be quite the receiver, catching 29 times for a total of 338 yards last season.

Elio’s Edge

The Browns made the right choice in taking a “risk” on Trent Richardson. He is a truly gifted runner-back and there aren't a ton of those to go around in the NFL lines. With the revolving door open for quarterbacks in Cleveland, it becomes hard for a coach to depend solely on a throwing game and that’s where Richardson can make a huge impact. Given that he adjusts to the NFL lines relatively quickly and is backed by a great year from Cleveland’s offensive line, the Browns may develop a truly dangerous running game this season. A great running game can be dangerous against even the best of defenses and might lead the Browns to a more exciting season with better results this time around.


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