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NFL Lines - Justin Blackmon Touchdowns in Jacksonville

Posted by Elio Masi on 5/27/2012 5:19:14 PM

NFL Lines – Blackmon Touchdowns in Jacksonville

With the 5th overall pick in the 2012 NFL lines Entry Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected wide receiver Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State. Given the Jags’ lack of skill in the position and, in turn, given Blaine Gabbert had nobody to throw to during the season, it only made sense for them to seek out a talented receiver.

Winning the Biletnikoff Award as the country’s best wide receiver two years in a row while at Oklahoma State, Justin Blackmon has excelled at the college level. When former teammate Dez Bryant left for the NFL lines, Blackmon was given his chance to shine and did just that. Many believe he’s soared higher than Bryant as his replacement and has become more productive then he was at Oklahoma State.

At 6’1”, he is already fairly tall for his position. However, it is his leaping ability, which truly helps him get over defenders. You can be sure that Gabbert will look for him when in the red-zone and wanting to throw the ball a little higher and avoid the interception risk. Given his speed and jumping ability, Blackmon will prove to be a challenge for opposing defenders to guard. He’s able to vary his speed to keep defenders off balance, an ability that is extremely valuable in the NFL lines. Although he is generally slow when coming off the line, he uses his strength and quick steps to release easily.

Blackmon likes to attack the ball when it’s in his catching radius and tends to use his frame to box out the opposition. He’s even able to adjust and catch poorly thrown balls when on the run, a quality which all quarterbacks love. By doing so, he takes a little bit of pressure off his quarterback and allows him a certain margin of error.

Although Blackmon has great speed and acceleration when in the open, he has trouble separating from defenders with enough speed when being covered closely. Due to his height and stride length, Blackmon has difficulty running sharp routes and changing direction quickly with speed. He has the uncanny ability of making a play once catching the ball but has trouble opening up while running a route. It goes without saying he has some work to do before becoming a premier wide receiver in the NFL lines, however, the title is still attainable and he’ll be a star for the Jaguars in years to come.

Elio’s Edge

Blackmon was predicted to go in the top 15 rather than the top 5 and Jacksonville took a risk in taking him fifth overall. However considering their need for a top-notch receiver, I like their decision to jump the gun on him a little. If you take into account that only four wide receivers went in the first 32 this year and the next receiver chosen was Michael Floyd - went 13th overall - then the Jaguars decision to take Blackmon a little early wasn't so bad. In the end, Jacksonville got what they needed but will need to put some work into him in order for Blackmon to be an elite receiver in the NFL lines future.


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