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NFL Betting - Our Favorite Football Commercials

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 10/5/2010 5:22:12 PM

We’ve all seen some great commercials in our time during the frequent breaks that accompany NFL betting games.

Sometimes, the best ones are even more memorable than the actual game. After watching a few witty advertising interludes this weekend, we figured we’d take a shot at compiling a list of some of our favorites of the past decade.


1. Corona
Corona has always been an innovator in the TV advertising space. We really enjoyed this one that has been popping up on a weekly basis this NFL betting season.


2. Southwest Airlines Compilation – “It Must Be Football Season”
The U.S. airline had one of the best TV advertisement campaigns that prompted us all to realize how everyday situations innately started on the gridiron.


3. Reebok and Office-Linebacker Terry Tate
Physical humor never gets old, especially when a 6’4” 240-pound linebacker is in charge of office discipline. Don’t forget to put a cover sheet on your TPS report.


4. Miller Lite Brewing Company
Whether its about the beer or not, these commercials will always get a chuckle.


5. Budweiser
See (Miller Lite Brewing Company)


6. Proline Lottery
From our neighbors to the North bet, this Canadian lottery commercial is a viral sensation with over 3 million hits on Youtube.



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