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NFL Betting Lines – Which Running Back Will Be Drafted First In ESPN Fantasy Leagues

Posted by Marcello Messina on 8/24/2011 2:53:12 PM

Thanks to continuing support from our customers, NorthBet has now turned it’s nutty prop bets into a weekly affair.

2009 Draft Positions
1. Chris Johnson
2. Adrian Peterson
3. Maurice Jones-Drew
4. Ray Rice

NFL Lines – Which Running Back Will Be Drafted First In ESPN Fantasy Leagues
Adrian Peterson -120
Arian Foster -105
Chris Johnson 200
Jamaal Charles 375

If you can recall, a few of the prop bets were concerning what teams NFL free agents Albert Haynesworth and Plaxico Burress would play for, which base Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit will reach, which league (NFL or NBA) would exit a lockout first, etc.

We received many calls from clients praising our decision to post these bets. As a result, we are thanking our customers for their support by supplying them with a new NorthBet prop bet every week.

This week's wager is which NFLunning back will have the highest draft average in 2011 ESPN fantasy drafts. Minnesota Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson is the favorite at -120 while Houston Texans back Arian Foster comes in second at -105. Tennessee Titans speedster Chris Johnson is the third favorite at 200, and Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles is the underdog, set at 375.

Peterson currently leads the race, ranking an average of 1.9 in ESPN mock drafts. Arian Foster comes in second at 3.1 with CJ2K not too far behind at 4.7. In fourth place comes Jamaal Charles, averaging 5.8 in drafts to date.


two contests

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