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NFL Betting Lines – New England Patriots Host Indianapolis Colts

Posted by Brett Nielson on 11/20/2010 5:39:53 PM

In what has become a regular clash of the best in the AFC, the New England Patriots host the Indianapolis Colts this NFL betting lines weekend.

(6-3) Indianapolis Colts at (7-2) New England Patriots
Live from Gillette Stadium – MA
Kickoff: 4:15 PM EST Sunday, November 21, 2010
Broadcast: CBS

NorthBet NFL Betting Lines
New England Patriots -3.5
Indianapolis Colts +3.5
Total 49.5

Alright North Bet bettors, take your phone off the hook, drop the kids off at the babysitters, and dismantle your doorbell because it’s Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning time.

One of the main reasons that everyone looks forward to this NFL betting lines game is because Brady and Manning are the best quarterbacks and leaders in the game today.

They have equally strong arms, can squeeze a pass into the smallest windows, and have flawless mechanics.

Therefore, when trying to decipher who will win this NFL betting lines matchup, we need to examine the offense built around them. Let’s start with the Patriots.

First off, I want to begin by saying that the Randy Moss trade was quite possibly one of the most harmful transactions in the entire history of the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady has only thrown two deep balls since Moss was dealt. Second-year wide receiver Brandon Tate has been trying to fill Randy’s spot but come on, who are the Patriots kidding? Defenses respect Tate’s ability as a deep threat about the same as I respect Vanilla Ice’s ability to rap.

Opposing safeties and cornerbacks have been playing tighter coverage, giving Brady less room to work with.

On the other hand, despite the huge number of injuries in Indianapolis, to key receivers like Austin Collie and Dallas Clark, Manning has still been able to throw the ball with ease this NFL betting lines season.

He has gotten 24-year-old wide receiver Pierre Garcon and 25-year-old tight end Jacob Tamme much more involved in the Colts’ offense in recent weeks.

Manning ranks 3rd amongst NFL quarterbacks in passing yards per game with nearly 300. He is also 5th in touchdown passes with 16.

I expect the Colts to win in a shootout this NFL betting lines Sunday in Gillette Stadium.

Brett’s Prediction: Indianapolis Colts: 34 New England Patriots: 28

NFL Expert Pick: Indianapolis Colts +3.5

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two contests

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