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NFL Betting Lines – Matthew Stafford Getting Better

Posted by Marcello Messina on 4/25/2011 8:42:37 PM

It appears as though Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford's shoulder recovery is right on track for him to begin play at the beginning of next NFL betting lines season.

NorthBet Numbers: Detroit Lions were 6-10 ATS this season.

Detroit’s 23-year-old quarterback has been plagued by injuries throughout the first two years of his NFL career.

In his first year with the Detroit Lions, Matthew Stafford suffered a right shoulder injury in Week 4 that would keep him off of the field for nearly a month. When he did come back, it would not be for too long, as he would soon again re-injure his shoulder. He injured the shoulder of his throwing arm for a second time in his debut season in Week 13 and was forced to sit out the rest of the year.

Sadly, Stafford’s misfortunes would not end in the 2009 season. He was only able to play a total of 3 games all season long this past year, having again stressed the shoulder injury twice during the year.

Although some insiders claimed that there was no need for Stafford to sit the bench during the final few games of the season, it is understandable why a team with no playoff possibilities would not want to risk their franchise QB.

Presently though, it seems as though the unlucky Lion has finally getting back on track. In a report from ESPN, the Lions received good reports from Stafford’s showing at a charity event that was part of Georgia’s spring game last week. Stafford threw passes through a tire and had a 50-yard pass dropped by a fan.

If great stories like this keep hitting the news, don’t count Detroit out of postseason contention for this year – given that the lockout will come to an end.

Messina Mouthful: The Detroit Lions won 37-25 versus the Washington Redskins in the only game that Matthew Stafford played a whole 60 minutes this NFL betting lines season.
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