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NFL Betting Lines – Indianapolis Colts Release Bob Sanders

Posted by Marcello Messina on 2/21/2011 7:10:05 AM

The Indianapolis Colts officially released injury-prone safety Bob Sanders this NFL betting lines Friday.

NorthBet NFL Betting Lines:
To Win AFC Championship
New England Patriots 300
Pittsburgh Steelers 450
Indianapolis Colts 800

NorthBet Numbers: Indianapolis Colts were 8-8-1 ATS this year.

When healthy enough to play, nobody could deny Bob Sanders’ immense talent.

Unfortunately, the near-30-year-old safety’s playing time was decreasing substantially over the past 3 seasons due to injuries.
Sanders went from playing 15 games in ’07, to 6 games the following year, and only 2 contests in ’09.

The two-time all pro managed to play just one game last season, after tearing his right bicep in the season opener.

Consequently, the Colts decided to cut the 2007 NFL defensive player of the year Friday, three years after signing him to a five-year, $37.5 million contract.
Upon hearing of his release, Sanders had nothing but great things to say about his seven-year home.

“I want to thank [team owner, Jim] Irsay for the opportunity to play with the Colts. I appreciate all he and the organization did for me throughout my career, and I always will consider myself a Colt. I want to thank the fans also for their great support. They played a big part in making my seven years with the team very rewarding”, Sanders said.

The Indianapolis Colts freed up some much-needed cap space with the release of Sanders, as they are looking to make Peyton Manning the highest paid player in NFL betting lines.

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