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NFL Betting Online: NFC North Bet Preview

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 10/5/2010 5:39:57 PM

Turmoil in Minnesota, surprise in Chicago, misfortune in Detroit, and high expectations in Green Bay. That is the NFC North bet division in a nutshell thus far in the 2010-11 NFL betting online season.

NFC North Bet Odds:
Chicago Bears +375
Detroit Lions +6500
Green Bay Packers -225
Minnesota Vikings +400

After two weeks of regular season play, NorthBet has some intriguing future lines for the NFC North conference. Here is a breakdown of the conference by team to help you decide your next play.

1. Chicago (2-0)

It’s difficult to think that quarterback Jay Cutler can keep performing at the all-pro level he’s showcased thus far. Yes, they beat a Cowboys team that was projected to go to the Super Bowl but the Bears also should have lost to the Lions Week 1.

Some weaknesses in the secondary on defense and Cutler’s inevitable poor decisions will bring Chicago out of the NFC North bet division title race and fighting for a Wild Card playoff berth.

2. Green Bay (2-0)

Aaron Rodgers looks as good as ever and the emergence of Clay Matthews as a pass rushing stud (6 sacks) on defense should keep the Cheeseheads on track to win the conference.

It still remains to be seen how Ryan Grant’s season-ending injury will effect the Packers offense long-term but for now, Brandon Jackson seems to be an adequate plug-in for a pass-first offense.

3. Minnesota (0-2)

I think we would all agree by now that Brett Favre missed one-too-many training camps and played one-too-many seasons. Without Sidney Rice, the Vikings passing attack is terrible.

Favre has resorted to forcing the ball into a few receivers that he feels he can trust, which has lead to four interceptions and a completion percentage of 58.7.

The Vikings will try to right the ship in Week 3 against Detroit.

4. Detroit (0-2)

The Detroit Lions have to be the unluckiest team in NFL betting online this year. After losing their first game against Chicago due to a touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson that was overturned, I feel bad for a team that has so much promise.

Rookie running back Jahvid Best looks like the Rookie of the Year, Calvin Johnson is still one of the best athletes in football, and quarterback Matt Stafford was just finding his rhythm before a Week 1 shoulder injury.

II had the Lions at 6-10 this season, but that will be tough to reach without Stafford’s leadership.

Our predictions for the NFC North bet final division standings:

Green Bay Packers 12-4
Minnesota Vikings 10-6
Chicago Bears 9-7
Detroit Lions 4-12

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