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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet - Prepare For Your Draft In Less Than A Minute

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 9/7/2011 11:42:36 AM

For you last-minute drafters out there (or the guys that don't want to sift through all the fantasy football bull crap), this is for you.

I've condensed what you need on your fantasy team this year to win your league.

Short and sweet.

1. You need one of these QBs:
M. Vick
A. Rodgers
D. Brees
T. Brady
P. Manning
P. Rivers
T. Romo

2. You need one of these WRs:
A. Johnson
R. White
C. Johson
G. Jennings
H. Nicks

3. You need one of these RBs:
A. Peterson
C. Johnson
J. Charles
A. Foster
L. McCoy
R. Mendenhall
M. Turner
F. Gore
R. Ray
M. Jones-Drew
S. Jackson
D. McFadden
L. Blount

4. You need to draft 12 RBs/WR total

5. You need to draft A. Gates as your tight end

6. Overall Draft Strategy
First 4 picks: 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, Gates/WR/RB
Next 10 picks: Best available RB/WR with the only exception being one of the other four elite tight ends in the fifth or sixth round if you don't get Gates

Thanks and good luck in your draft.

NFL lines fantasy football strategy adopted from Matthew Berry at ESPN.

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