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Fantasy Football – 2011 Biggest Busts

Posted by Marcello Messina on 9/17/2011 5:35:22 PM

With week 1 in the books, here are my predictions for NFL lines fantasy busts in 2011.
5. Frank Gore
Throughout his entire career, Frank Gore has been one of the most inconsistent running backs in the NFL. In his now-seven-year career, the 28-year-old tailback has completed only full fantasy football lines season. Last season in particular, he was able to participate in just 11 games before suffering from a season-ending hip injury. From the looks of it, the 5’9” bruiser has every intention of carrying his fantasy football inconsistency with him into this season.
As usual, Gore remains the only true player worthy of even owning in any fantasy league from the San Francisco 49ers. So, in Week 1, when the 49ers were matched up with the measly Seattle Seahawks, Gore had every expectation of starting the year with a boom. Although, with 22 rushes, Gore averaged only 2.7 yards per carry and totaled just 6 fantasy points.
4. Rashard Mendenhall
Yes, I am fully aware that Mendenhall faced one of the – if not the – toughest run defense in the NFL. But, he did total 79 yards and 2 touchdowns in his first matchup with the Baltimore Ravens last season.
I’m not saying we expected the world from Pittsburgh’s lone running back this week. I’m just saying we could have appreciated a bit more than just 4 fantasy points in his opening game.
3. LeGarrette Blount
The only reason I don’t have Blount higher up on this was because of the tough matchup he faced. Tampa Bay was matched up with the Detroit Lions in their opening week, one of the stingiest run defenses in the NFL – one that consists of stellar defensive linemen like Ndamukong Suh and Kyle Vanden Bosch.
Still, Blount’s owners had expected something (at least more than 1 fantasy football lines point) from the running back, considering he gouged Detroit for 110 rushing yards and a touchdown in his only fantasy football lines matchup with the Lions last season.
2. Vincent Jackson
To be fair to the beloved wide receiver, it wasn’t only his fault that Jackson scored merely 3 points in Week 1. Fellow teammate Mike Tolbert stole the show on Sunday by totaling 93 all-purpose yards and scoring 3 touchdowns.
However, I can’t really say that V-Jax’s short-term future looks optimistic, as he was targeted just 3 times in the match – ahead of only Brian Walters.
1. Chris Johnson
Even though we all knew that Chris Johnson was looking at a lighter load in carries this week, nobody expected him to get single-digit touches. Johnson amounted to only 24 rushing yards this past Sunday, the third-lowest total of his 4-year career.
Plus, I think fans were disappointed at the way he came out of the gate, compared to last season’s incredible season opener against the Oakland Raiders (when he reached 124 rushing yards and scored 2 touchdowns).
Bonus – Dwayne Bowe
I don’t think there was a more nerve-wrecking player to watch this fantasy football lines week. After the most successful season of his career (finishing as the number two overall fantasy wideout last year), Bowe did nothing but disappoint his supporters in the opening week of 2011.
In his much-anticipated season debut, the 5-year pro was only able to attain 1 fantasy point. Against the Buffalo Bills, Bowe caught 2 passes for just 17 yards despite Matt Cassel throwing the ball 36 times.
Plus, I can’t really see Dwayne Bowe’s fantasy value going up this week, as he was already targeted a total of eight times in Week 1 – and I doubt he’ll see more balls thrown to him that that in any game this fantasy football lines season.

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