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Best Tim Tebow Speeches

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 11/30/2011 12:26:52 PM

The day before the Denver Broncos were set to play the heavily favored San Diego Chargers in San Diego, Broncos head coach John Fox asked Tim Tebow to deliver a speech.

Tebow’ s pregame words propelled the Broncos to a 16-13 overtime victory and a 4th straight win for the Broncos.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Broncos Linebacker Von Miller said in an interview with ESPN, “He said iron sharpens iron and men sharpen other men… He gave us a great speech.”

With Denver back in the playoff picture at 6-5, they will travel to Minnesota to face the Vikings (2-9) this weekend.

Tebow’s inspirational speech from this past Saturday hasn’t popped up online anywhere so in the meantime, checkout what it may have been like in the Broncos locker room on Saturday.


Tim Tebow Pre-Game Speech For ESPN


Tim Tebow Halftime Speech at 2008 BCS National Championship Game

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