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Top 5 Reasons To Bet Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50

Posted by Matthew Forrester on 2/2/2016 4:31:30 PM

Here are five reasons to bet the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. They stand as -5.5 point favorites in a line that could very well move considering how much action Cam Newton’s guys are generating from the gambling community. It might be a good idea to grab this line early.

1. Strong Rushing Teams Always Have An Advantage

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to have the top running-back in the league. Jonathan Stewart was the 8th best back in football this year, totaling 989 yards on 242 carries, while adding 6 touchdowns. But the combination of him and Cam Newton – who was 31st in rushing this season overall – made the Panthers the second-best rushing team in the NFL. In Super Bowl history, 35 of the past 49 winning teams have been ranked in the top-10 in rushing. The Broncos are just 17th in this department.

2. Ron Rivera Is A Better Coach Than You Think

Rivera is in line to win Coach of the Year, and that would be the second time he’s claimed this honor. He won back in 2013 when the Panthers finally strung together a winning season at 12-4 SU. To win the Super Bowl, you have to be willing to take risks, and the risk averse Broncos are going to run in to problems with a man who loves to gamble on fourth downs and push the pace of a game. They don’t call him Riverboat Ron for no reason.

3. Carolina Covers In Playoff Games They Win

The line of this game is the tough part for any gambler and one of the reasons to bet the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 is that they’ve covered in every single game that they’ve won in the playoffs since Cam’s arrival. This year, they’ve covered against Seattle by a +4.5 margin against a -2.5 line, and they hammered the line against Arizona by an astounding +31.0 mark against a -3.0 line.

Their other playoff win was another cover against the Cardinals as -5.5 favorites in a 27-16 victory. If Carolina is going to win this game, they’re going to do so by a landslide. You shouldn’t be waffling between the spread and the moneyline. If you’re confident that the Panthers win, the spread is the better value.

4. Their Road To Super Bowl 50 Has Been More Difficult

The Broncos faced two AFC contenders with major injury concerns. The Steelers didn’t have two of their top offensive threats, and Roethlisberger’s arm had torn ligaments in the shoulder joint. The Patriots were banged up at running back and on the offensive line.

As for the Panthers, they manhandled the Cardinals and Seahawks, both of whom were playing at full strength. Each team had injuries to their running backs, but slotted in reasonable fill-ins. It’s not just that Carolina has scorched the earth in the NFC’s side of the playoffs, but they did so against two of the best teams in the league. Their +20.5 point differential in the playoffs so far is one of the reasons that you bet the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 because it’s a trend that holds up. Carolina is 4-1 ATS when playing a team with a winning record.

5. Cam Newton Is Going For History

This is for anyone who wants to doubt just how special Cam Newton really is. Newton has the opportunity to do something that no other player in NFL history has ever achieved. It’s referred to as the Grand Slam. He’d be the first NFL MVP, Super Bowl champion, college football champion and Heisman winner to ever exist. Hell, if he adds Super Bowl MVP to that list, he might have to add a room to his house for all this hardware.

It’s remarkable that that’s never happened before, but Cam Newton is quickly asserting himself as one of the greatest players of his generation. His pursuit of a singular place in history isn’t necessarily a reason to bet the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, but it doe add a fun wrinkle in to the mix.


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