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One Of The Two NFC West Games Of The Year Is About To Unfold

Posted by James Madison on 9/13/2013 10:24:33 AM

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks both prevailed in week one of the NFL season, but they did so in markedly different ways. Will that have an impact on this week two meeting?

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

Spread: Seahawks -2.5

Why You Should Take The Points With San Francisco

This is a good time for San Francisco to make its annual road trip to Seattle. The 49ers were banged up, especially on their defensive line, when they went to Seattle in December of last season. The Seahawks were ready for them, and it hurt the Niners that Seattle was healthier at the time. In week two, though, San Francisco is a fairly healthy team, and that should mean the 49ers should be able to harass Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson to a much greater extent than they did late last season. Wilson was shaky in his week-one game against the Carolina Panthers. He fumbled in the red zone and did not sense pressure very well over the course of the afternoon. San Francisco’s front four should be able to feast on a Seattle offensive line that was extremely wobbly and undependable against Carolina. The Seahawks were regularly being beaten to spots, outworked by the Panthers, and prone to committing lots of penalties. If Seattle’s offensive line can’t substantially raise its level of performance this weekend, San Francisco won’t just win the game. It will very possibly be able to blow the Seahawks out of their home stadium.

On the offensive side of the ball, San Francisco has already demonstrated that it can be effective. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was very solid in week one against the Green Bay Packers, and what head coach Jim Harbaugh had to love about that game is that Kaepernick didn’t run any read-option plays. He sat back in the pocket and killed the Packers with his arm, not his legs. Seattle knows how to defend the read option since Wilson runs it at times. San Francisco, by not giving the Seahawks any read-option looks for this week’s film study session, has really established a tactical advantage of sorts, with kickoff still a few days away.

Why You Should Lay The Points With Seattle

The 49ers unquestionably look better than the Seahawks right now, but one must ask the following question: If the two teams had swapped their schedules in week one, would the results be any different? A West Coast team regularly has a hard time playing an early game in the Eastern time zone, and so Seattle never should have been expected to beat Carolina by a particularly large margin. What was important for the Seahawks was to simply win that game, and they did just that. San Francisco, playing at home, naturally figured to be much more comfortable on offense against a Green Bay team whose defense is simply not up to par. Don’t read too much into week one. Seattle’s offense should be much better in this game, and if the Seahawks’ defense maintains its high level of play, the home team will win.


When a team owns such a substantial advantage in one matchup, it stands to win. The 49ers are so much better in the specific confrontation between their defensive line and Seattle’s offensive line. That’s going to help San Francisco win on the road.

Pick: 49ers +2.5

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two contests

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