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NFL Betting: Dolphins vs. Jets Monday Night Football Preview

Posted by Stan Jenkins on 12/1/2014 4:44:57 PM

The New York Jets have not yet played their pre-Thanksgiving game, due to the weather that shut down the city of Buffalo for several days. Let’s see what happens with the Jets on Monday.

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets – Monday, December 1

These teams are in very different situations at the end of Sunday. The Dolphins are miserable, but they at least played their game in Denver against the Broncos. The Jets have been forced to play an improvised Monday Night Football game against the Buffalo Bills, due to the snow which forced the NFL to move that Sunday afternoon game out of Buffalo and over to Detroit’s domed stadium, Ford Field. The Jets will therefore not have the longer week they hoped to have. Miami can, for its part, watch the Jets on Monday night against a familiar (fellow AFC East) opponent, the Buffalo Bills, and get a jump on film study for the coming week. That’s just the beginning of the problem the Jets face in this game.

Miami did not beat Denver, but the Dolphins did give the Broncos a major fight on Sunday. The Dolphins limited the Broncos to only 17 points in the first three quarters of Sunday’s game. They held Peyton Manning in check and took advantage of some of the injuries that had been dogging Denver over the past few weeks. Miami also scored 36 points against a Denver defense that is supposed to be one of the better defenses in the league. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill made a lot of impressive plays in a difficult road setting. Yes, the Dolphins’ defensive line was crushed by Denver’s offensive line in the fourth quarter, and yes, Miami gave up 22 points in the fourth quarter (seven of them the result of an interception thrown by Tannehill which set up the Broncos’ offense at the Miami 8), but there was still a lot to like with the Dolphins’ performance in a narrow 39-36 loss. Miami is frustrated to have failed to get the win, but the Dolphins can be heartened by other parts of this game.

The Jets did beat the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this month, but there are some noticeable differences between New York and Miami that the Jets will have to overcome, even at home. First, their offensive line is nowhere near as skilled as Denver’s is. The Jets cannot expect to be able to throw the ball down the field or get the huge passing plays the Broncos were able to pull off against Miami. For New York, the name of the game is keeping passes short, the game plan simple, and doing other things to ensure that quarterbacks don’t commit turnovers. This is a matchup Miami’s defense should welcome. The Jets are 32nd – last – in the league in passing offense.

The other part of this game which merits attention is that the Jets just aren’t a reliable home team in general. The Jets are 2-4 at home so far this season, and one of their home wins came against the 1-10 Oakland Raiders. Without further evidence that the Jets can generate some consistency, Miami seems like the better choice in a game that doesn’t have a betting line, since the Monday Night Football game between the Jets and Buffalo hasn’t yet taken place.

Pick: Dolphins

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two contests

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