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NFL Betting: Colts vs. Giants Monday Night Football Preview

Posted by Stan Jenkins on 11/3/2014 8:49:55 AM

The Colts-Giants matchup was a bigger one when Peyton Manning played for Indianapolis, setting up a meeting with Eli of the Giants. Now, this game is still big, thanks to a new face.

Indianapolis Colts @ New York Giants – Monday, November 3

These teams are in position to stage a shootout. The Colts just gave up over 500 passing yards to Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday, an abrupt reversal from an overwhelmingly strong effort against the Cincinnati Bengals the previous week. The Colts barely allowed more than 100 yards against the Bengals, and then they unraveled against the Steelers, surrendering over 50 points to an offense which hadn’t been performing very well over the previous one and a half months of the season. The Colts’ defensive collapse is cause for concern, and it’s the kind of thing that doesn’t seem to be instantly containable. The Colts need to get better in degrees and measures, but a full turnaround just isn’t likely. When you also realize that the Giants – though not great – have been a lot better than they were last season, it’s probable that New York will land its share of shots down the field against the Indianapolis secondary. Eli Manning has regained some of the form he had displayed in past seasons. He’s not at his peak, but he’s a long way away from the rock-bottom depths to which he sank in 2013. New York is going to score plenty.

Indianapolis, however, is probably going to score more.

The Colts know that they can’t afford to lose consecutive games if they want to stay in the running for a first-round bye in the NFL playoffs. Andrew Luck played fairly well last week against Pittsburgh, but his team lost because he didn’t get any help from his defense. With Luck on top of his game, the Colts should be able to move the ball up and down the field and do what they want against the Giants, a team that was blown off the field by the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks ago and isn’t very likely to be able to withstand an opponent that has a lot of speed at multiple positions on the field. If the Giants couldn’t really hold down the Eagles, there’s nothing to indicate that they’ll be able to do measurably better against the Colts.

One thing to account for in this game is the severity of the Colts’ collapse on defense against Pittsburgh. Indianapolis isn’t likely to play well on defense, but that acknowledgment is very different from saying that the Colts are going to be just as bad as they were against the Steelers. Indianapolis had given up 35 points just a few minutes into the second half versus Pittsburgh. When an offense has to play from behind like that, its playbook is limited. It knows it has to pass on just about every down. As long as Indianapolis can stay even in the first half of the game, it can keep the playbook balanced and play this game the way it wants to. Take the Colts here in what feels like a 38-31 game.

Pick: Colts -3

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two contests

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