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Monday Night Football Betting – New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts

Posted by Matthew Forrester on 9/21/2015 3:24:33 PM

When it comes to a game featuring the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick, I’d usually skip it, but this Monday Night Football betting matchup is pretty damn interesting. After all, the Indianapolis Colts are coming off a game where they were manhandled by Buffalo’s defense. Couldn’t you envision the Jets’ fearsome defense doing the same?

Granted, the Jets just played the Browns but they also held them to only 328 total yards and only 10 points. New York was also ferocious when it came to turnovers, recovering four fumbles and a pick against Cleveland.

I’m not suggesting that the Colts are anywhere near as bad as Cleveland, but the defense they’re playing against might be just as much of a threat as Buffalo’s. Putting T.Y. Hilton on Revis Island is bad enough, and with the electric receiver already banged up, this may be a matchup he wants to sit out.

Hilton’s game-time decision status may be a headache for fantasy owners, but it’s a nightmare for the Colts. They cannot risk him for what essentially amounts to a meaningless game. Why “meaningless”? Because they still play in the AFC South, which is a division they can dominate without blinking.

So Hilton doesn’t factor too much in to this game for my metrics to be fully honest. It’s possible that he lays waste to the Jets secondary as he tends to do against most others, but I just don’t see Pagano being dumb enough to sacrifice his long-term goals for a short-term gain. I also don’t see Hilton laying out for a game that they think they can win without him.

New York Jets (1-0) vs. Indianapolis Colts (0-1)

Monday, September 21st --- Lucas Oil Stadium --- 8:30pm EST

Monday Night Football Betting Line: IND -6.0 (45.5)

As you can probably tell, I’m not as convinced that the Jets are as bad of a beat as people expect them to be.

This Jets defense doesn’t have the snarl that the Bills do, but it’s still a wildly efficient one that’s great at stopping the run (bye bye Frank Gore) and putting pressure on the quarterback.

Believe it or not, New York is also a trend worthy team. The Jets are 4-1 ATS in Week 2, 5-0 ATS in their last 5 games against AFC opponents and 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games against the Colts. I know that it’s the freaking Jets, but all Todd Bowles needed was a little momentum to turn things around. He may just have it.

I don’t dislike the Colts. It’s far from it. But their offensive line is lacking thanks to traded picks that allowed them to shore up their receiver corps. They’re not building the worst team around Andrew Luck, but they’re also not surrounding him with the type of talent he needs to thrive. Your receiving corps shouldn’t fall of a cliff when your top guy goes down.

It’s very hard to bet on Fitzpatrick, but he’s got some really solid backing in this one. Chris Ivory laid down the hammer for 91 yards and 2 touchdowns, while B-Marsh and Decker bolstered a receiving crew that put up big plays when he needed them. This team has some grit to it, which is carried over from the Rex Ryan days and reinforced with a hard-nosed tactician like Bowles at the helm.

Impactful head coaches have a chance to change the culture of a team. Bowles knew what he was doing when he took this job; he was inheriting a deep, disciplined defense. The offence will grind out opportunities just like they did last week, while taking chances away from Andrew Luck.

You can either bet this game as if its your grandfather’s Jets, or you can get out ahead of the curve. I suggest you do the latter for this Monday Night Football betting line, especially with so many points available for the visiting team.

Monday Night Football Betting Pick – NYJ +6.0 (UNDER)


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