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5 Reasons To Bet The Denver Broncos As Super Bowl 50 Underdogs

Posted by Matthew Forrester on 2/2/2016 4:37:05 PM

The Denver Broncos are going to be the Super Bowl 50 underdogs this weekend unless Cam Newton gets struck by lightning and run over by a bus at the same time. Hordes of gamblers are rushing to the sportsbook to back the Panthers already. But there are plenty of reasons to take the Super Bowl 50 underdog instead.

1. The Super Bowl Underdog Has Been A Stronger Historical Bet

In the past 14 Super Bowls, the underdog has gone 10-3-1 ATS. That’s an astounding mark and one that a lot of gamblers will hang their hats on as they get closer to the game. Bettors are already building strip malls on the Carolina side of the line, so the spread could move even more than it already has. The Broncos opened at +3.5, and the line has already shifted to +4.5. If you love the trend of Super Bowl underdogs covering in recent history, wait until this line moves even further away from Denver.

2. Great Offenses Don’t Always Show Up To The Super Bowl

Just ask Peyton Manning, who led the most prolific offense in NFL history to the big game and then literally dropped the ball against Seattle. The Broncos scored an all-time best 606 points in 2013, and managed just eight points in the Super Bowl. They laid -2.5 points in that game, and were crushed by the Seahawks.

The Panthers weren’t historic by any means this season, but they led the league in points with 500. The top scoring team in the league has been to the Super Bowl 22 times, and won just 10 of those games. It’s not as automatic as you think, especially with the Super Bowl 50 underdogs touting the top ranked defense in the NFL.

3. Bad Quarterback Have Won Lots Of Super Bowl

Of course, a lot of bad quarterbacks have lost the Super Bowl, but ever present concerns about Peyton Manning in this game is holding people back from betting on the Denver Broncos. It’s not always that simple.

The Bucs won with Brad Johnson and a terrific defense. The Ravens crushed the Giants with one of the best defenses ever, and Trent Dilfer as their quarterback. Those seem like exceptions (because they are), but even the best of the best can have off days in winning efforts.

Remember Ben Roethlisberger in Super Bowl XL against Seattle? He posted the worst quarterback rating in the history of the championship game with a meager 22.6 mark. And his team still won.

The Broncos might not need an all-world effort from Manning. A handful of teams have won without heroic quarterback performances.

4. Defense Wins Championships

How many times are we going to hear that catch phrase heading in to this game? The fact is that it’s true. The top ranked defense in the league has won 28.6% of the time they’ve been in the Super Bowl. That’s a massive jump over the 20.4% mark that the top offenses entering the Super Bowl have earned. Make no mistake: as good as Carolina’s defense has been, Denver’s been much better. They’ve allowed just 17.5 points in the playoffs so far.

5. Peyton Manning’s Swan Song

Michael Strahan, Jay Novacek, Jerome Bettis, Jon Elway and Ted Hendricks are just a small sampling of superstar players who retired after they won they won a Super Bowl. Peyton Manning could very well be the next one. It’s easy to discredit him considering how laborious his 2015 campaign has been, but very few players in this game are going to lay out as much as Manning. His emotional presence could galvanize the Broncos to catch passes and make stops at the level they’re supposed to. If you’re looking for a sentimental reason to back the Super Bowl 50 underdogs, look no further.


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