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NBA Odds On Who Will Trademark ‘Linsanity’

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 2/28/2012 10:57:08 PM


The rise of Jeremy Lin has captured worldwide popularity and it seems that a few profit-minded people knew that Lin’s new nickname ‘Linsanity’ would be something worthwhile to own.

NBA Lines
Who Will Trademark The Word Linsanity?
Jeremy Lin                            2:3
Yenchin Chang                      2:1
Andrew W. Slayton               3:1
Yoonsoo Stephen Kim          4:1
Someone Else                       5:1

35-year-old Yenchin Change, with no relation to Lin, applied for the ‘Linsanity’ trademark on February 18, six days before Lin.

There were also two other individuals who have filed to own the word: Andrew W. Slayton and Yoonsoo Stephen Kim.

It seems that Lin has run into even more trouble trying to trademark his own name after Chinese Sports Company Wuxi Risheng  Sports Utility Co.  claimed they have the rights to the Lin trademark.

We’ll see what happens as the ‘Linsanity’ trademark mess sorts itself out but for now, atleast you can bet on it.

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two contests

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