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NBA Lines: Who Will Succeed The Great Phil Jackson?

Posted by Ashley Carmichael on 5/24/2011 1:55:26 PM

Phil Jackson will go down as the greatest NBA Lines coach of all time.

Jackson has coached twenty years and his teams have never missed the playoffs.  Out of twenty playoff appearances he visited the finals thirteen times.

Out of the thirteen NBA Lines Finals appearances, Phil Jackson has eleven championship rings.  Jackson has accumulated the best win percentage in NBA history, winning seventy percent of his games while never having a losing season.  Also, Phil Jackson won consecutive championships from 1995-2002. 

In total, Jackson won 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls and 5 with the Los Angeles Lakers.  How can you replace him? 

Rumors have been buzzing that Mike Brown, former Cleveland Cavaliers coach, has gained most interest from the Lakers organization.  Brown seems to be a legitimate candidate because he was the head coach of a very successful Cleveland team that highlighted all-star Lebron James for so many years.  In 2007, Brown visited the Finals and in 2009 he was awarded NBA Lines coach of the year.

Brown could be a good coach for this team because he has prior work with an all-star of Kobe Bryant’s caliber, in Lebron James.  However, compared to Jackson, Brown has only one Finals appearance where his team was swept 4-0.  Cleveland then fired him in 2010 after the Cavaliers lost in the second round.

With only five years of experience, Mike Brown has time to grow as a head coach.  And Los Angeles will be a hostile place that Brown may not be ready for, after the Lakers were swept in the second round this season.  Brown would be trying to fill a size 16 shoe when he only wears an 8.

The Lakers need someone with experience, who can lead them to another championship.  Someone who is not timid and goal-orientated, and to me Mike Brown is not that guy. 

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