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NBA Lines: Who is the answer for Cleveland?

Posted by Ashley Carmichael on 5/24/2011 1:50:25 PM

If not Lebron James, then who? Eight years ago Cleveland was granted the number one pick in the 2003 NBA Lines Draft, and selected Lebron James. 

He was supposed to be their city’s savior after the little success for Cleveland athletics.  While the Cavaliers never won a championship with Lebron, the organization had plans to help the all-star.  However, Lebron James had a plan of his own, leaving Cleveland and ‘taking his talents to south beach.’

Now after all the drama between Lebron James and Cleveland, the Cavaliers find themselves back to square one.  With the first and fourth overall draft picks the Cavalier organization hopes to land some solid players for the next couple years.

The top prospect for the 2011 NBA Draft is Kyrie Irving.  Irving averaged 17.4 points, 3.8 rebounds and 5.1 assists as a freshman guard at Duke University.  At 6’2’’ 180 pound Irving has a lot of potential.  He has speed, intelligence and is a hard-nosed defender. 

Irving has showcased his skills and would be a definite starter in the NBA as a rookie.  He would be a perfect fit for the NBA Lines, as the NBA becomes more of a guard-oriented league.  

Cleveland will be looking to be rebuild after going from first in the NBA lines in 2009 to dead last this year. 

However, the Cavaliers have a few solid veterans.  Baron Davis, Cavalier guard who is a two-time all-star, could help develop the young talented Irving.  Kyrie Irving has a similar game compared to Davis; maybe with the guidance of a veteran Irving can establish himself as an elite player and one of the best point guards in the league.

Despite Irving’s promise as a great player in the future, he may be walking in to a tough situation.  Cleveland needs a savior and it may have to be 19-year-old Kyrie Irving.

I don’t know if the young player can handle all the hype of being the successor to LeBron James, but he seems up to the challenge and a year at Duke under Coach K does more for a talented teenager than probably any NBA training program.

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