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NBA Lines: Who is more at risk in the playoffs: Orlando or Boston?

Posted by Ashley Carmichael on 4/14/2011 8:31:17 AM

It is set in stone, the Boston Celtics will play the New York Knicks and the Orlando Magic will play the Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the NBA lines playoffs.

To Win the Eastern Conference
Orlando +800
Boston +400
Chicago +200
Miami +160

As the third seed, Boston should have the easier route to the second round, however the Knicks have been rolling lately winning seven consecutive games.

The Boston matchup with New York seems problematic for the Celtics.  In the last ten games, Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, has averaged 30 points and 8 rebounds in each contest. 

With Carmelo getting in his groove before the playoffs, the Knicks provide many man-to-man matchup problems.  Furthermore Amare’ Stoudemire has averaged 20.9 points and 6.4 rebounds in their last ten games.  With two elite scorers on the court Boston will have difficulty keeping up with New York’s high paced offense.

On the other hand, the Orlando Magic swept the Atlanta Hawks last season in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.  The Magic have the most dominant big man in NBA Lines. 

Dwight Howard is averaging 23 points ad 14 rebound per game this season, how are you going to defend that?

Furthermore, with the presence of Howard the Orlando Magic have an advantage on the perimeter as well.  With Howard threatening in the paint, there are multiple sharp shooters waiting for a kick out pass.  Hedo Turkoglu, Gilbert Arenas, JJ Redick, Jason Richardson, and Jameer Nelson have all made names for themselves as prolific shooters.

Don’t be alarmed if the New York Knicks defeat the Boston Celtics in seven NBA playoff lines games, and if the Orlando Magic sweep the Hawks - again.

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two contests

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