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NBA Lines – Top NBA Free Agents In 2011

Posted by Marcello Messina on 7/7/2011 8:55:18 AM

Who are the biggest names in this year’s NBA lines free agent class?

1. Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan became the San Antonio Spurs’ all-time leader in points scored and games played during the 2010 NBA lines season.

Throughout his career, he has been a sensational center. He won the rookie of the year award in 1998, and the NBA finals MVP in 1999, 2003, and 2005.
However, the Spurs have been reducing Duncan’s playing time in a bid to keep the 34-year-old performing at his full potential.

Though playing an average of 31.3 minutes per game would be a large amount for any player, it is still less than what Duncan was used to playing at his peak. Nevertheless, his results are consistent and proportional to his playing time, so Duncan is still performing at a solid rate, and would be a great addition to any team.

The Spurs seem to be opting for youth, and do not rate Duncan in the long term plans for their team, despite his consistent performances. Duncan’s professional attitude, experience and leadership will enable him to be an attractive free agent to many teams this upcoming 2011-2012 NBA lines season.

If San Antonio continues their trend of offloading seasoned veterans and opting for youth, look out for the Spurs choosing not to renew the contracts of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili when they run out.

2. Tyson Chandler

At 7`1, 235 pounds, 28 years old, and averaging 18.5 PPG, Chandler has size, skill, and years to offer, which make him one of the most attractive free agents on the market this coming NBA Lines season.

Chandler has been a solid NBA performer throughout career, though he has had his career stalled by injuries. Chandler had a strong 2006-2007 season, though his next couple of seasons were marred by injuries, before helping the Mavericks win the championship this past NBA Lines season.

When healthy, Chandler is a force around the basket averaging 9.2 rebounds per game. However, Brendan Haywood seems to be the preferred center in Dallas, so Chandler would be willing to seek more court time somewhere else.

After winning the championship with Dallas this past NBA lines season, teams will be willing to offer Chandler large contracts for his experience and work-rate.

3. Greg Oden

Oden was drafted first overall in the 2007 NBA lines draft. Though despite his great promise, he has not been able to fulfill his potential to date, as his short career has been mauled with injuries. At 23 years old, Oden is entering what will be is 5th NBA lines season. Due to injuries, Oden has only played in 82 games in his entire career, and played in just 2 of the 4 seasons that he has been an official NBA player.

Nevertheless, in the games that he has played, Oden has showed great promise. Before his injury in the 2009 NBA lines season that caused him to miss his team’s final 61 games, Oden impressed while averaging 11.1 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks in his first 21 games. 

He also missed the 2010 season recovering from an injury. Presently, he has resumed light training though he has not resumed basketball related activities yet, and there is no definite timetable for his return at the moment. This has not stopped the Trail Blazers, however, from tendering an $8.8 million dollar qualifying offer, making Greg Oden a restricted free agent this offseason.

Greg Oden has shown that he is a remarkable upside as a player when healthy, and no doubt harbors great potential. The only doubts concerning Oden are not surrounding his skills, but are associated with his ability to remain healthy and play a substantial amount of games per season. Some teams will be tempted by Oden’s undoubted skill and potential and wish to sign him, though others may be deterred by his inability to remain healthy and play full NBA lines seasons.

Other Big Names 

Other big names that round up the free agency class of 2011 include: Yao Ming, Tracy Mcgrady, and David West.

Though Ming and McGrady may slowly be on the decline due to their age, they may still have a lot to offer, though mostly in terms of experience and leadership. This past 2010 season, Ming averaged 10.2 points, 5.4 rebounds per game and even contemplated retirement due to his lingering knee injury.

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