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NBA Lines - Top 5 Ricky Rubio Highlights

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 1/31/2012 12:38:06 PM

One of the bright stories in this year's shortened NBA lines season has to be Minnesota Timberwolves young point guard Ricky Rubio.

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NBA highlight reels are typically dominated by high-flying dunks, ankle-breaking drives to the bucket, or buzzer beaters but this year, Ricky Rubio has demonstrated that a great pass can get you a spot on ESPN's Top Plays.

What may be the best thing about Rubio is that he's showing young and professional players that passing can be as glamorous as a LeBron James dunk.

Below, we've picked out Rubio's top 5 plays from the 2011-12 NBA lines season so far:

5. Rubio hits Derrick Williams with a needle-threading bounce pass on the fast break.

4. Rubio's alley-oop to Anthony Randolph (We're going to hear that a lot).

3. Rubio is deadly on the fastbreak with another alley-oop.

2. Rubio goes around his back and finishes against the Detroit Pistons.

1. One of the craziest passes I've ever seen. Rubio's vision is insane.


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