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NBA Lines- Sweet Melo-dy in New York?

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 2/17/2012 11:53:23 PM

Image Credit: Julio Enriquez

How will the return of small forward Carmelo Anthony affect a New York Knicks team spurred on by the mercurial Jeremy Lin?

Can Lin And Anthony Co-Exist?

Can the two stars co-exist in New York and continue to succeed? For one, Lin has not developed the ego of a pampered star, and so wouldn’t have any issue playing second fiddle to Carmelo Anthony returning to the spotlight.

Coming from a modest background, and taking a difficult and uncertain route in his NBA lines career, Lin is grateful for how far he has come.

Lin Can Play Robin

This approach should translate to the court, where Lin could remain a strong sidekick to the dominant style of play of Carmelo Anthony. Everyone knows the Knicks` offense will funnel through Anthony, the five-time NBA Lines All-star, when he returns.

But Lin and Anthony can win together. It will be more of a testament to Lin`s burning desire to succeed and adapt as needed rather than two playing styles that happen to complement each other.

Lin's Production Will Go Down

Lin’s production will take a hit in order to allow chemistry to develop with Anthony and hopefully, Anthony will allow this chemistry to happen. Anthony will demand most of the ball, most of the time but that does not mean the Knicks will see less wins.

The return of Carmelo Anthony should only serve to help build on the Knicks` winning ways. Anthony’s return will provide an extra dimension to the team`s offense, and the duo will make it hard on NBA lines defenses.


two contests

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