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NBA Lines - Ricky Rubio Sees The Court Like Magic Johnson

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 2/18/2012 12:18:51 AM

I know it’s not even close to compare Ricky Rubio to Magic Johnson, but the pass Rubio made against the Rockets was something we haven’t seen since the NBA lines days of Magic running the Lakers show in the ‘80s.

Rubio Blind Pass To Kevin Love

The 6’ 9” Magic Johnson used to see the court like no other player. What’s so great about Magic is he made passing exciting and Rubio is doing the same thing almost two decades later.

Best Point Guards In The Last 20 Years

Yes, there have been some amazing guards in the last 20 NBA lines years that will always be known for threading the needle. Steve Nash, John Stockton, and Jason Kidd immediately come to mind.

Rubio Similar To Kidd

Of that NBA lines group, Rubio’s style is most similar to Jason Kidd. The bounce pass was Kidd’s forte, and it’s the same for the young Spanish point guard.

Rubio’s rookie stats are even similar to the future Hall Of Fame point guard:

Rubio’s 2011-12 Rookie Stats:
10.7 Points/Game
8.6 Assists/Game
4.3 Rebounds/Game

Kidd’s 1994-95 Rookie Stats:
11.7 Points/Game
7.7 Assists/Game
5.4 Rebounds/Game

But, some of the passes Rubio has been making in his first NBA lines season, carry a level of deception and showmanship that closely resembles Magic’s flair.

Rubio has a long way to go before he can be considered amongst Nash, Stockton, Kidd, and Magic but he’s already on his way at the tender age of 21.


two contests

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