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NBA Lines - Rolling Thunder

Posted by Elio Masi on 5/17/2012 2:26:18 PM

NBA Lines – Rolling Thunder

With the win on Wednesday night, Oklahoma City has gone undefeated in the NBA lines playoffs this year, proving they are one of the front-runners for the Larry O’Brien trophy. With their next game being in Los Angeles, the Thunder will have their hands full with the Lakers on Friday night. The Lakers have proven to be dominant when they have their fans behind them and put together a 26-7 record at the STAPLES Center this season.

(47-19) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (41-25) Los Angeles Lakers
Live from: STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, CA
Tipoff: 10:30 PM ET, May 18th, 2012


The Thunder have been perfect thus far in the postseason and are looking poised to sweep yet another team this May. With a 6-0 record in the NBA lines playoffs, it’s been hard to find parts of their game that hasn't been great at one time or another. Their offense, led by Kevin Durant, has been stellar when their defense had an off night and the same can be said about their defense. However, there hasn't been much criticism when it comes to the offensive talent on this high octane Thunder roster. There has been only one game this postseason where they’ve failed to hit 95 or more points and they still managed to squeak through the Lakers 77-75. If Durant, Westbrook and Harden can keep the offensive numbers up, the Thunder should have absolutely no problem closing out the series by winning two of the next five games.

Comeback Kids?

After going up 2-0 in their last series against Denver, the Lakers have opened up the second round down two games and looking for answer. They were blowout in the first contest 119-90 and tweaked up some things on defense in game two but still lost another pivotal game. With first defense and then offense being a problem for the Lakers, it becomes difficult to concentrate on fixing just one aspect of their game. Kobe’s been phenomenal upfront for them as usual, but Bynum and Gasol have retreated a little. If they want to diversify their offense, they’ll need to start activating them offensively in order to add depth in the offensive half.

Home Court Advantage?

Home court advantage has always been an interesting point of discussion in the playoffs. Does it really help all that much to play in front of your home fans? But when taking into consideration Oklahoma’s 21-12 record on the road, I guess not. However, the Lakers have proven to be phenomenal when playing at the STAPLES Center during the regular season and have gone 3-1 during the postseason when playing at home. Granted, their only lose was within three points, they’ll need to win on home court if they have any chance in this series.

Elio’s Edge

I can’t see Kobe and the Lakers going down 3-0 on home court. They’ve been stellar all year with the advantage and should be able to win a huge game in front of their fan base. However, Oklahoma’s been perfect in the NBA lines playoffs for a reason. I’ll be looking for them to continue their dominance with a 102-98. This one could definitely go either way, should be a great basketball game.


two contests

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